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Pokemon Sprite Request Thread

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Hello. I'm 11204, and I splice 4th Gen Pokemon. I splice them in their HG/SS form. Take A look at my first Pokemon splice.


I called that one Dragsly. It is a Dragonite and a Bonsly. If you thought it was good, then i can make you a custom splice. Fill out this form:

Pokemon 1:

Pokemon 2:

Main Pokemon:

Splice Type:

Additional Details:

For Splice type choose either Full Mix(Parts+Recolored)or Basic Splice(Just added parts)

I ask you to use only 2 Pokemon... but if you have to(It may turn out bad) I can use 3 Pokemon.

One last thing: Give me time to make my splices!When I'm done i will post them here.

Go ahead and request.


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I'll be gone until Wednesday, So don't expect sprites. You may still add requests if you want though. I may still get to my computer.

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Man I love splicing Legendaries!
This one didn't turn out that perfect but... I hope you like it.


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This took a while. I had an issue with the recoloring, but its fine.
Hope you like it.


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Hi, I'm sinnohlegends. Thought I should show you my sprites so I can have requests. I am running out of ideas. Here they are. (I know there are alot)

My first made. Horrible!


Multicolored Shaymin (Sky Forme)

Second one. Much better.


Mew Colored Raichu

This one would have been beutiful if my computer hadn't messed it up.


Gryogre (Groudon-Kyogre)

This one is kind of pathetic.


Unnamed (Cubone-Hoothoot)



Salagon (Salamence-Flygon)

Not really a fusion. More of a made-up Pokemon.


Absie-Pre-evolved Absol

Here comes the Sinnoh Starter Series! First one sucks.


Turcharp (Chimchar-Turtwig-Piplup)

No showing this one-too horrible.

Mongrolup (Monferno-Grotle-Prinplup)

Finally, a good one!


Intorpeon (Torterra-Infernape-Empoleon)

An even better sprite!


Grouticuno (Groudon-Articuno)

Random Fall Pokemon for a contest on an RPG




Finally, my newest season. Starter sucks as usual...


Zapdos colored Multicuno (Articuno-Zapdos-Moltres)

Two very evil Pokemon



One of my most amazing ones and not really a fusion. Kind of like a Poke-creature thingy...


Flying Centaur (Gardivior-Ponyta-Articuno)

My newest and most epic sprite yet-


The Flying Chandaleir! (Shandera (gen 5)-Articuno)

Requests taken. I know I have just posted alot, and I hope you like them! I also know there are alot of repeats in the Pokemon used, and that is because the internet at my house gets shut down alot so I have to use what I got.

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Can anyone do this for me?

Pokemon 1: Darkrai

Pokemon 2: Shiny Alakzam

Main Pokemon: Darkrai

Splice Type: full

Additional Details: I'm thinking maybe more Darkrai-ish color as the main, and shiny Alakzam color as secondary.

Please and thanks:biggrin:

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i have a request, im making a ruby hack and want to have new starters, i need help making my water type http://imgur.com/M5UnmIl there is the first two evolutions and im allowing you to get creative on the 3rd but here http://imgur.com/jl84QSH just make his colors similar to the previous evolutions and im giving you permission to change him up how you want, if you dont like something plz change it for the better :) anyways the 2nd will be hard to do but if you can figure it out id be greatful cuz he needs to face at an aingle so you can see his whole body, lastly i need front and back. Alot to ask, ik but plz help me out :tongue:

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I, too, am a decent spriter. I do Revamps, Recolors, Fusions, and a personal style that I call a Persona... I haven't done too many of these so I am not sure what my limitations are. My sig contains what I have done ever since I started. I am also new here. So hi ^_^

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can i get snorlax/blissey , darkrai/deoyxs ,and a gardevoir gallade full mix for all thanks! by the way first pokemon are the main pokemon

I did Darkrai/Deoxys, so, yeah.


There you go.

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Hi i wondered if i could get any requests from you guys!

The problem is that i can't think of pokemons to mix myself, Untill now i have asked my friend but he got really tired of me in the end so i searched for requests and this site came up so im trying my luck ^^.

This is one of my sprites it's a mix between Dragonite and Scyther ^^



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