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A tale in Sinnoh


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This is one of my pokemon stories. I will try to update every day and I will be doing it by editing my first post this one. Please comment and criticize on the writing.

Characters: This list will grow

Ash: The new pokehunter

Jessy: mentioned in intro

Anthony: A novice ranger

Ryan: the mentor to anthony and a top ranger



It was tragic. The battle was fierce and the opponent was ruthless. It was around 13 years back, when ash was on his way back home from his sinnoh journey, to take a rest when he was confronted by team rocket member Jessie. She had grown cruel and twisted after James had left her, and she challenged ash to a battle. Ash accepted, knowing that a team rocket member couldn't be anything, but pathetic. She sent out yanmega. Sonicboom, silver wind, and ancient power were crushing Ash's pokemon. Ash's monferno eventually beat it then in came seviper. It crushed chimchar then buizel crushed it.

Then in came a new addition to the team. Rhydon, it was strong and powerful and ready to destroy its foes. Hyper beam destroyed buizel and then in came grotle. Another hyper beam and it was over for him too. Eventually ash sent in pikachu.

Rydon attacked repeatedly smashing rocks, creating minature earthquakes and using his immense strength to pound pikachu. Pikachu, utterly exhausted, collapsed on the ground. He hadn't fainted yet so Rydon moved in to finish it off. Rhydon used hyper beam right on pikachu and it was over in a flash. Pikachu collapsed and ash rushed to his side. Pikachu wasn't breathing, and although rushed to the pokemon center it was to late. :eek:

Pikachu was gone, and Ash vowed revenge. He swore that from this moment on he would make sure every pokemon trainer paid. (although it was only the fault of Jessy) Ash was not in a good state of mind, therefore he became Hunter Ash using fearsome fire type pokemon to rip his foes to shreds and make them ashes. Ash returned to sinnoh looking for vengeance!

Chapter 1

"Go go go!" said ranger Anthony directing the kanghaskan across the marshes.

"Good job my pupil" said the Ace ranger Ryan.

"Thanks, I'm glad the kanghaskan are safe now" said Anthony.

"Do you hear that?" asked Ryan.

"It sounds like thunder" said Anthony.

"Not quite" said an ominous voice that was just a bit away in distance.

"Look it is a trainer" said Anthony.

"Once again not quite" said the supposed trainer.

"He is riding a charizard" said Ryan.

"At least you get that correct, Charizard use flamethrower!" said the trainer. "My name is Hunter Ash and those Kanghaskan are mine!"

"No way!" said Ryan.

"Yes way, now fire blast on the rangers!" said Ash.

The rangers dived to safety but the trees behind them were torched.

"No! Flamethrower now!" said Ash.

"Capture on! Quagsire use surf!" said Ryan using his fine styler to capture and take advantage of the nearby quagsire.

"Dodge it!" said Ash, "Electavire come on out!"

"Capture on! Breloom use energy ball!" said Anthony.

"Electavire thunderpunch that energy ball at quagsire and charizard flamethrower!" said Ash.

"No breloom!" said Anthony as breloom vanished into flames.

"Quagsire!" said Ryan as quagsire was blown back.

"Electavire return! Charizard fly into the air after those kanghaskan. Then use flamethrower to stop the rangers advancement!" said Ash.

"No!" said Anthony "We have to stop him"

"Yes, the kanghaskan need us. Lets find some staraptors I know they are around here somewhere" said Ryan.

Chapter 2

"We have to find them!" exclaimed anthony.

"Indeed, otherwise Ash will not only get the kanghaskan, but he will light this whole place a blaze" said Ryan.

"Yes, we have to do something, before it is to late" said Anthony.

"Star star!" exclaimed a staraptor nearby.

"Capture on!" said Ryan using his styler to capture Staraptor.

"Star star" said Staraptor beckoning towards the rangers.

"Hop on" said Ryan hopping onto the back of staraptor.

They flew high into the air soaring above the tree line. They could see ash and his charizard up ahead chasing the kanghaskan. They were almost a mile behind but Anthony knew how they could catch up.

"Staraptor use arial ace!" said Anthony.

Staraptor lunged at blinding speed aiming for charizard. Charizard heard the attack coming and whirled around. Ash then saw the incoming foe and called out a command.

"Charizard, use ember!" said Ash.

"Staraptor dodge it with fly!" said Ryan.

"In that case aim up and use fire blast" said Ash.

"Capture on!" said Anthony "Drifloon! Use psychic and throw the fire blast back at charizard"

"Flooon!" cried drifloon using psychic.

"It ends here now use brave bird!" said Ryan.

"Star star star star star star raptor!" cried Staraptor.

"No!" screamed ash as him and charizard tumbled from the sky.

Ash landed hard and returned charizard.

"Come on out rapidash and run after those kanghaskan" said Ash.

"No! He is still getting away" exclaimed anthony.


Once again comment please and check back daily! :)

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