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Games: Upload Your Save File and Play from a PC in Black/White!

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I have found out something a little different on how to play your Game File from your Cartridge onto the PC Website.

Apparently, you can use the Dream Smoke Feature from Munna/Musharna and send one Pokémon from your Cartridge to the PC Website via Nintendo Wi-fi Connection to a place called the Dream World which you can play Mini Games that will enable you to catch and send exclusive Pokémon onto your Cartridge via Nintendo Wi-fi Connection or you can use another Feature called the C Gear, I am guessing that it has something to do with Gear.

Source: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/globallink.shtml

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since this is just "additional content", it probably won't make people download the ROM less. I'm sure that there will still be emulated versions of it around. All this bonus stuff seems like add-on content that really is just a futile attempt to get people to buy the game.

Of course, people like us would buy it even without such content...

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