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hey guys I'm Suaqua also known as Taro and heres my attempt at a modification of Soul Silver modeled loosely after Crystal Version

requires: a clean Heart Gold(U) or Soul Silver(U) rom


higher level wild pokemon

new pokemon scattered throughout the game

no more weak wild pokemon in kanto

some level up move edits

no need to trade for evolutions

rt. 34 now has wild baby pokemon running around

increased trainer difficulty

pichu can learn some special moves...

rival now have different starter pokemon from different generations as well as brand new teams created to match them

some pokemon now have secondary types (shinx, starly, magby, elekid) among others

special thanks to alpha and SCV for creating PPRE which was used for a majority of this hack

if you would like certain pokemon inserted into the game in any way (rock smash, grass, hoenn/sinnoh sound, surf, fishing) just post it here or pm me

thanks for the help -Suaqua

p.s. this is much harder than the original game especially the gym leaders and rival battles

edit 1: new beta is up this one has 300 trainer and all gym leaders and elite 4 completed

edit 2:beta 4 is now up with all encounters finished and 550+ trainers edited

edit 3: ok I fixed all of the problems and the fully edited v1 is now up enjoy!

edit 4: ok so there is a glitch with level up moves on edited pokemon (known on magmortar and electivire) so if you see them learn a move they cant learn, is a tm or is of a different type ignore it

PPC with Xdelta HG.zip

PPC SS.zip

PPC with Xdelta HG.zip

PPC SS.zip

Edited by suaqua
glitch found
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Hey I have a problem in Ecruteak City in the burned tower. After the fight with the rival i went down to the 3 dogs and then when the event started I had a fight with Suicune. I defeated it and after I renter the building it was the same so i can´t progress in the game.

Is it a bug or did i missed something?

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Yeah There was a similar problem with Roland's perfect heart so this should be fixed soon

edit: ok this should be fixed make sure to use the AR antipiracy code with this so that the game does not randomly freeze

Edited by suaqua
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OK thx for the quick answer^^

I will try it later on.


OK you´re right now it freezes when i starts it^^The music from the title is still there but with a blank screen.

How can i use the code with a flashcard?

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Cyclo-DS evolution.

Maybe i have found the problem because i patched the new patch on the patched game.

I will try it with a clean rom in a few minutes,maybe it´t normal then.


It isn´t freezing anymore but the suicune bug is still in the underground.

Ah ok i can wait a few days^^good luck

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I have found a new glitch,again with suicune.

North from Cianwood City, when the event triggers and suicune fled then suicune is glitching(its hard to explain) from his place to the south some imes. After that the woman, who gives you the HM fly speaks to you about the thing before you beat the fym leader.

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