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Narwhal and Illithian's Sig Thread (Archive)


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Lazily rendered from this. I needed a cute picture to fit the text, and I think this worked.

Unfortunately I had no idea what to put in the background... I just put in some grunge brushes without overdoing it, but its rather boring... it shows that I had little inspiration.

I'd be happy to edit parts of it at your request. Not my best sig.

Thanks! I like it, actually. ^^ I think it's very nice, it is kind of hard to make a cute signature with something like Cranidos, and I think it's great!

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Magic.:P Personally, I don't think I am that good. My birthday is coming up, and I'm going to get Photoshop CS4, probably.

Sure, kunaidude34. Why not?

EDIT:I couldn't find a flying picture of shaymin sky form, but here is your sig!

Oh, the suspense!


Simple, yet completely awesome for you.

I am a saint. A SAINT! I am like Saint Patrick. :P

Edited by Narwhal
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I got another signature request if that's fine. Since there is going to be a Gold and Silver remake, maybe you could make a sigature with Ho-oh and Lugia on their own individual sides with my name FLOOTENKERP and 'The Glitch From Johto' right under it without the 's. Make it really awesome looking! I've already requested before so I'm not sure if I can ask again.

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So cool! I love browsing this thread and looking at all the cool sigs. Now I would like to ask... ok here it is!

Could you pretty please make a drifloon using psychic + will-o-wisp the way fantina's drifblim does on the anime? Not a drifblim...I dont like the blims but I love the floons. I would love it to be shiny but it doesn't have to be. I'm sure it will be great. Please and thank you!

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