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Pokémon Pronunciations

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I've always pronounced it Za-two. But I've never heard it pronounced before, so I don't know.

I've only recently found out that Arceus is pronounced Ar-kay-us. I just never get the chance to hear how they are pronounced lol.

And Milotic...

Still unsure if it's Mile - Oh -Tic OR Mill - otic

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Milotic for me is Mirotic........... I pronounce it as if it was "erotic". But then again, I'm Korean so L and R are somewhat interchangeable in pronunciation. Now what about Gliscor? How do you pronounce his name? Gly-sor or Glis-or? I will never know...

Xatu = Za-two for me. Arceus = Ar-se-us... but they tell me it is a hard C (Ar-Ke-Us). Seriously? Isn't that... weird?

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Xatu = Za-tu

Milotic = My-low-tick

Arceus = Ar-see-us (Following the Japanese pronunciation, which is the most correct. PUSA simply changed the pronunciation to have a Greek-ier name.)

Sceptile (Sep-tile)

Gliscor (Gly-score (Long i sound))

My questions:

Raikou (I suspect it's Rye-koh, following JP, but I've always pronounced it Rye-ku.)

Suicune (Swi-koon or Su-ee-koon?)

The Nidorans (How should you pronounce the gender symbols to avoid confusion between the two?)

Linoone (Lye-noon or Lih-noon; I think it's the first, but I've always said the second.)

Porygon-Z (In Japan, Z is "Zetto", but in the US, it's Zee, and in European derived countries, it's Zed. Does it really matter, as it's based on culture? Do they call it Porygon-Z (Zetto) in Japan?)

Aron and Lairon

Regice (Rej-ice, Re-jih-ice, or Re-jee-ice? Is the "gi" in the Regis pronounced jih or jee?)

That's all I can think of now. Remember, everyone can pronounce a word in the way they interpret it.

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i hate the way Arceus was pronounced as -Arkeyus-....then i prefer to pronounce Sceptile as -septayl- just like a scepter...the regice factor is a bit to evading pronunciation, but i'm use to saying -reji ice-.

i pronounce others as:

Gardevoir= gar devwa (as if it was french)

wobbufet= wobufey (that's what i used to say until the wobbufet in the anime corrects me)

Giratina= gear uh teena(sometimes i accept the english translation)


Zoroark- zoro-ark and not zo rork(at least that's what i heard from the trailer) i hope it still remains like that in english translation because it sounds tough and cool.

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I just learned that Phione is pronounced Fee-Oh-Nay/Neh. I always pronounced it Fai-Own.

This is what I like about Generation V. I'll be able to learn the Japanese names as they are revealed. That means that any if names are the same in pronunciation, but different in spelling, I'll be able to pronounce it correctly. For example, when I first saw the name "Zekrom", I thought it was pronounced Zehk-RAHM (like ROM). Fortunately, I remembered Japanese pronunciation is different than English, so I now pronounce it correctly.

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I think you guys have the pronunciation for Arceus wrong.It is ar-cee-is

Umm during the anime they all call Arceus Ar-Kee-Us which just sounds odd i do prefer pronouncing how you do.

Do you think the anime pronounces the names correctly? When i was a kid the way the anime pronounces it, that's how i would. But the way they pronounce Rayquaza sounds dumb to me xP ray-quay-zah but i much prefer ray-qua-zah.

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I beleive the pronunciation: ar-Kee-us, was chosen in the english version as an derivitive of the word "arch"(as in Arch angel or Arch mage) to denote Arceus as the Highest order or strongest of all pokemon. however i still prefer the pronunciation: Ar-See-Us. not only is it th original pronunciation, but it sounds, in my opinion, much better.

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I tend to pronounce them my own way, but I do conform to the standard pronunciations.

I pronounce these PKMN as follow:

Rayquaza = Rey-qua-zah

Charizard = Char-e-zard

Arcanine = Ar-kah-nine

Typhlosion = Ty-flo-shion

Heatran = He-tran

And "Giratina" was this close to being named "gelatina" or "gelatin / jelly" in Spanish.

Edited by Feralligates
Meant to say "Arkahnine" nor "Arkaynine"
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