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Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

Shining Mew2

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Well I'll be, Wooguru has a "Legendary aura" to it, but it may very well be a basic stage PKMN. Wouldn't mind at all if that were Fearow's final evo, although I doubt seeing as Fearow is an overgrown sparrow rather than an eagle. But still, who knows... Spearow deserves an evo, though--that's for damn sure.

And LOL, how nice that we get Bidoof's evil twin in this Gen. Nice.


Yeah, that one is definitely this Gen's Pikachu. Ugh. >.>

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Well here's what it looks like. I like it :D. It could be the 5th gen fearow? The name's wooguru (something to do with war and eagle) so, I can only assume that it isn't Mamepato's evo .. as that thing doesn't look warish at all, though who's have thought starly would turn into the beast that is staraptor... mind you in this instance the colour scheme is also different.

It also gets encourage as the ability ... which should be pretty awesome :D. I'm thinking it has physical bulk, ok speed and good attack just by looking at it.


Bidoof's pissed off cousin - Minezumi!

I like the look of it personally.

The evolution of Muna (is it???) has been revealed too ... but I can't see a good picture of it so I can't really post one lol.

Anyway, I must say I do like the look of these two pokemon :).

All from www.serebii.net

EDIT: there's this thing too moviepoke.jpg

No info on it from what I can see but .. it looks alright. It looks like the pikachu, pachirisu yada yada of fifth gen possibly.

the first one looks like ho-oh the green thing look like turtwig but it with out that dark green color and the last one one have a head shape like a jigglypuff lol.
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UPDATE: Thanks Tbird :D. Anyways there are some other Pokemon. Munna's evolution is Musharna (check the 1st spoiler). Rankurusu is that woman goth looking Pokemon which was revealed on Oha Suta about a week ago, and it has 2 abilities and one of them is Magic Gaurd (check the 2nd spoiler). Then we have Gochiruzeru which was revealed on Oha Suta but not it's name though (it's that green blob looking Pokemon check the 2nd spoiler). In the second picture that Tbird posted that larvitar looking Pokemon is called Kibago and that one eyed bat Pokemon is called Koromori a Psychic/Flying type Pokemon. Expect clearer scans soon...

Munna's Evolution:


Rankurusu and Gochiruzeru:


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I knew they would make a fetus-looking PKMN someday, it was all a matter of when.


It's got some dream smoke thing that does something :L.

Frankly it doesn't look like it evolved. I saw that pictured and assumed it was Muna... The only difference is that that thing has an umbilical chord coming out of its head xD.

"Musharna, the foetus pokemon. It aids in sucking the life from the pokemon series via the oddly placed umbilical chord placed upon its head"

(Note I know it is actually smoke... but come on look at it xD)

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Loads of news to be had. I've been waiting for Shining mewtwo ... hope he/she doesn't mind me stepping on his/her toes here :D.

Names and other info



The Amplification Pokemon. It is a psychic type pokemon. It has magic guard ability and a new ability called Dust Proof - Negates weather damage on this pokemon.



The Celestial Body Pokémon. It is a psychic type pokemon. It learns the move Magic Room which negates the usage of items used by both the player and opponent for 5 turns.



The Bat Pokemon. It is a psychic and flying type. It learns the move Heart Stamp, which can cause flinching.



The tusk pokemon. It's a dragon type and learns the move Double Chop

More information on Minezune (the pissed off bidoof) - It is a normal type with Keen Eye (go figure, you seen the eyes on that thing?). It has a new move called You First which .. you guessed it allows the opponent to attack first.

Also forgot to mention - Gochiruzeru and Rankurusu are version exclusives, though it's not been stated as to wish versions. Though if they are found in black city/white forest, which is in the same place for each game, it's easy to speculate that the bug looking thing with 'Dust Proof' would be in the forest and the humanoid in the city. Though, I am not certain.


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I'm sure Kibago will evolve into something beastly--that's for sure. I wonder if there'll be another pseudo-legendary, though.

Anyway, that "Celestial Body Pokémon" is just plain ugh, and Koromori looks like a floating head of an Old English Sheepdog rather than a bat, which is quite funny, really.

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For Zorua and Zoroark, apart from the Sugimori art, does ANYONE know where I can find a different image, preferably 3D? The artwork by Ken Sugimori looks a bit casual and that isn't really my style of art.

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, don't really know where this belongs.

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The Artwork is only Beta. So to your question, the answer would be no. We currently recieve and post confirm information and we only recieved and posted the Beta Artwork because that is the only Beta Artwork leaked out.

The only betawork posted is the sketches, everything outside of that is pretty much set in stone as it has been publicly released.

But I couldn't say for sure if there is any other artwork outside of the artwork that's been posted here. I imagine looking through Serebii's archives could something up, or possibly raking through all the google pages.

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Not 3D, but there's this one done by cascadegonpory, as well as this one by LigerNekoka both from dA. I also found this one.

EDIT: However, judging by your new sig, I'm guessing you've seen these already...

And to stay on topic, I still don't like that "Celestial Body Pokémon" and Koromori cracks me up. Ah yeah, more new attacks have been revealed, posted by Serebii in his page.

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It's just been confirmed that Rankurusu, the amplification pokémon, is native to Pokémon white, and that Gochiruzeru, the celestial body pokemon, is native to Pokémon Black.

I quite like, as I will be getting pokemon white. Simply because Wraith and I discussed the possibility of Gochiruzeru being the 'new Gardevoir', So this way I won't be treating it as such as I won't be obtaining it :D.

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Ononokusu, Kibago's final evolution:


From Pokémon Wiki

Apparently is "mantis-like", so maybe Dragon/Bug? Would certainly be a "first" if so. We'll see.

Doryuuzu, Moguryu's apparent evolution (Ground/Steel for sure):


From Pokémon Wiki

Lastly, "possible" / rumored English names:

Koromori: koro-koro (rolling sound) + komori (bat) = Rollbat (I dunno...)

Wooguru = Wargle (Kinda obvious...)

Shimama: purportedly Girafarig's counterpart; English name rumored to be another palindrome = Zebrarbez (Meh...)

And Gochiruzeru's name apparently is derived from the words "Gothic" and "mademoiselle", so I'm guessing Gothiselle(?).

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