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Isshu Region


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Black and White versions will be taking place in the Isshu region.

As we all know: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh are based on the real-world locations of Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu, and Hokkaido, respectively.

Where in the real world do you think Isshu got its inspiration and/or basis?

The only information we have on it so far are the few screenshots that have been released and the description that it is far away and separated from the previous regions. The city that has been showcased so far, Hiun City, has been shown and described as being technologically advanced, highly populated, is on an island, and has many skyscrapers.

At first, I was thinking this might be based on Asian island countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Singapore... but after seeing the artwork in higher res, and the videos from Pokemon Sunday... I've started to think it might be based off of New York, or Manhattan more specifically. The screenshots that showed a main street with trees lining it really reminded me of New York City, as well as the suspension bridge that has been shown.

Therefore, I'm thinking that the region as a whole could be based off of the USA or some part of the American continent(s), with the "big city" of Isshu being the "big apple."


What do you think this region could be based off of?

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Well, I posted this in an exclusive "area" of the internet, but I guess I might as well tell what I did here:

Basically, the popular theory was that Gen V's region would take place in America. As the starting city was revealed, the similarities between it & New York City were noticeable.

Thus, a possible conclusion was that the region was based on New York State.

But then, the names, (at least in the Japanese version of the games came, "Isshu," &, "Hiun City."

I tried to connect Isshu to NYS & Hiun to NYC. After a lot of tries, Isshu & NYS didn't connect, but on the first try I could see a similarity between Hiun & NYC.


Scramble letters in appropriate order: NuHi

Replace, "H," with letter it's pronounced as in Japanese, "C:" NuCi

NuCi...New City?

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Well, what we do know is that getting to the Isshu region from Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, or Hoen requires a plane or ship, meaning that it could be based off a foreign country. Also, by the images seen, it appears the scale of the isshu region (based on Hiun City alone) could potentially dwarf any of the previous regions. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see as more info is revealed. X3

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Yes, that makes a lot of sence to be Orre. If you look at the style of the Screenshots, it looks very similar to Pokemon Collosium and Pokemon xD: Gale of Darkness, but mostly Pokemon xD: Gale of Darkness and if that is the case, then it makes perfect sence.

I have found no similarity whatsoever. Point out to me what resembles to Orre.

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Hmm.. well from what we've seen, Huin seems to be a port city on an island. it's possible that isshu is a group of islands that make up an entire regions. maybe one island will be host to multiple cities. I just hope, if thats the case, we're not forced to surf between each island..

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As long as surf isn't an HM i'd be fine with it. it's a move most of my water team members are taught. However, not being able delete it is a pain. if it was used for short distances maybe. but i'd hate to spend that much time in the water encountering only water type and trainers with water based teams. maybe a real time boat ride with various trainers and reasonable amounts of surfing? that wouldn't be so bad.

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I'm actually leaning toward the possibility that this region is based off of China, or some part thereof. Reasons including the much greater amount of people, larger landmass, large separation from the other regions (but not ridiculously far away like the United States), and the similar, yet distinct look of the Pokemon, region, and culture presented in the screenshots we've seen. America just seems like too much of a stretch from Japan.

The biggest reasons, though, were the obvious introduction of the yin/yang idea presented in the game titles themselves and the main legendaries, and that overlooked new fire type revealed today, Hihidaruma. It looks exactly like a Chinese dragon. Granted, since the cultures of Japan and China are closely intertwined, these ideas may have been pulled from the Japanese background, but the fact stands that they originated in China, which is why I'm thinking the new region is based off such. However, I don't think the new region is a cut-and-paste of a section of land that has been rotated a bit like the other regions (Kanto & Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh). At least, I can't identify anywhere that it resembles in China, the United States, or Japan. Especially considering the proximity of mountains, ocean, and desert to each other.

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After seeing the new image of the region, I'm leaning more and more towards it being based on New York.

Hiun City is looking very much to be like Manhattan, flanked by the Hudson and East Rivers.


The shape of the other landmasses is almost identical, as well. Especially the one in the east.

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Its either NYC, Manhattan, or (seriosly doubt this)Brooklyn.

It's all.

The second two places you mention are part of NYC, btw.

The central island, with Hiun City, is Manhattan (with the Bronx north of there), and Brooklyn is the landmass in the southeast (with Queens north of there).

The western part is part of New Jersey, but it doesn't look like Staten Island is included (which should be south).


I wonder if Liberty Island will be around.

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