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Black or White


Black or White?  

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  1. 1. Black or White?

    • Pokémon Black Version
    • Pokémon White Version

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white definatly Reuniclus Rules! and zekrom pwns resiram is cool too but i think you can get both of them cause on serebii it said if you miss catching the pokemon it will be waiting some where for you and if you already have it the other will come or something but Reuniclus rules! and in white forest there is some sorta tree with powers and stuff

but black follows the anime story line if you want to battle a tougher male version of iris or is it white that has the dude oh well i cant remember wait ill check yea iris as leader in white and drayden in black besides i already pre ordered i cant un pre order any way white for sure not just cause of alot of diffrences and a little bit more story line it want it cause of the version exlusive pokemon

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Black, because black is my 2nd favorite color. I don't remember the names of the pokemon except for the fire starter pokemon, Tepig because I always pick fire type as my starter pokemon except for in ruby I picked mudkip because I liek mudkips :D. So yea I'm getting Black

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I have to admit I feel rather trolled by this distribution of Black and White. While I am playing Black right now, it is solely due to Reshiram, nothing else really. All of my other friends are playing White though since they are all Zekrom fanboys or something. I am just bizarre and prefer Reshiram, even though both are okay. However, I found out all the OTHER Pokemon that I like, such as Lilligant, Braviary, Mismagius, Butterfree, Breloom, etc... are ALL in White version while I sacrificed all of them for Reshiram. Not to mention White Forest has all the old Pokemon I like too... while Black City is mostly battling and battling and moar battling. Well, all isn't lost as battling can net you EXP and the old Pokemon can always be migrated in or something, but still, I prefer the natural White Forest over the industrial Black City. Yeah... I don't feel so good, but I guess I am only playing the game just to see how the storyline is like and I can always trade or something for the other Pokemon later.

EDIT: Got a Petilil from a house in the 2nd gym town by trading a Cottonee. I guess I will have a brilliant and elegant Lilligant soon enough... maybe after I beat the game since my starter is Snivy.

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Ironically enough, I first saw Reshiram and preferred it over Zekrom. That made me think, "I'm going to get White!" Who knew tha they would be reversed? But I still got White because of Rankurusu (what's its English name again?).

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If only it had stayed that way. The homunculus's name? Reuniculus.


^-- there's a list of Gen I - Gen V Pokemon, with English names too.

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Are you kidding me Guested? The list is still useful regardless... your personal sentiments should not be put in my posts.
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