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Black or White


Black or White?  

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  1. 1. Black or White?

    • Pokémon Black Version
    • Pokémon White Version

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With absolutely no prior knowledge, what games do you think you are gonna be getting?

Keep the thread reasonable.

randomspot555 edit: I honestly might ban the next person who mentions racism in the context of FRICKIN POKEMON GAMES. This is your final warning to everyone.

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As for me, I'm most likely going to buy Pokemon: White because it will be a perfect companion for my White Nintendo DSi, but I might buy both Pokemon: Black & White. Also Pokemon: Black reminds me of Pokemon: Chaos Black a little and will go nicely with my Black Nintendo DSi lol.

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Normally, I'd say Black, as the color happens to be one of my favorites... but I've decided to go a different route and go with White. This can very well change if they have version-exclusive legendaries (which it may very well have), and the one for Black looks cooler. A good example was Diamond/Pearl: I wanted Pearl initially, and thought Palkia looked cool. However, when I saw that Dialga was a Steel-Type, I changed my mind and got Diamond, since Steel's my favorite type (Psychic coming in second). xD

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I would go with Black since I have many things that I have that are the color black such as my Nintendo DSi and Wacom Bamboo tablet. It would be nice having another item to add to the collection of black colored stuff. Also, my Umbreon plush would have something to stand on lol.

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