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Who is that Pokemon?

Hi everyone out there! This is the "Who is that Pokemon?" game and anyone can join. This is where you try to guess which pokemon is that by giving a hint. Each time you guess the pokemon correctly, you earn a Point. When you earn 10 Points, you Level Up. Everyone who joins, starts at Level 0 (Rookie).


Level 0 (Rookie)

Level 1 (Starter)

Level 2 (Beginner)

Level 3 (Amateur)

Level 4 (Pro)

Level 5 (Master)

Level 6 (Expert)

Level 7 (Legendary)

Level 8 (Raikuo)

Level 9 (Suicune)

Level 10 (Entei)

Level 11 (Lugia)

Level 12 (Celebi)

Level 13 (Mewtwo)

Level 14 (Mew)

Level 15 (Deoxys)

Level 16 (Cresselia)

Level 17 (Manaphy)

Level 18 (Shaymin)

Level 19 (Darkrai)

Level 20 (Arceus)

Level 21 (Zorua)

Level 22 (Zoroark)


You must post 1 hint about the pokemon.

When you guess the pokemon correctly, it will be your turn.

You can guess the pokemon 1 time.

You can guess again once somebody else had guess the pokemon.

Hint 1: It is small.

Hint 2: It is pink.

Hint 3: It has a swirl somewhere on its body.

Score Board:

pokemaster1237: Level 0 (Rookie) (1 Point)

Riolu Aura Sphere Now: Level 0 (Rookie) (3 Points)

randomcouchpotato: Level 0 (Rookie) (2 Points)

Mewtwo Ex: Level 0 (Rookie) (1 Point)

Edited by Riolu Aura Sphere Now
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I am going to guess Wailord. It is the smallest Pokemon out there.

@ Riolu: You need slightly more specific details... too general makes it nearly impossible unless it was a lucky guess. Also you spelled "Amateur" wrong.

@ MewtwoEX: We both know what should come after Arceus...

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