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86H Park Ball?


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Well it's not on the list of balls in the Guide ... so I'd say 00 or 19? Give it a try.

I think someone mentioned that in HGSS, the pal park ball was renamed to the Sport Ball, because Park ball was used for something else. NOT sure though.

And of course I don't know if this is about HGSS or something else.

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This Park Ball you mentionned is not obtainable at all, and it is impossible to Pokésav a Pokémon to display this Ball.

It is just a placeholder Pokéball used in Pal Park.

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As of HeartGold and SoulSilver, it looks like a normal Poké Ball, but with an "S" on top of the red half.

Aw, you guys are right. That sounds like the compe ball. The yellow ball isn't in HGSS I guess. Booooo.

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I was interested in the 86h hex code for this ball and I went to Serebii.net and I got this info:

"The Park Ball is the PokéBall used in the Pal Park capture contests. All Pokémon captured with the Park Ball will appear as if caught in the PokéBall they were originally captured in in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed or LeafGreen. It guarantees capture. This item cannot be obtained outside of Pal Park".

So, what i think is that if you caught a pidgey in firered with a master ball and you transfer it to Soulsilver the pidgey will still have the master ball, you only use the park ball to "capture" the pokemon in the palpark.

I have one question, what is a compee ball??



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