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SoulSilver Pokesav can not read save file and comes up with random values

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Ok, so since Lance is cheating (Outrage with infinite PP, even in front of my Pressurising Lugia!) I decided I would go cheat as well.

So I need to temporarily replace my weakling Pidgeotto, which I carry around for flying, with a superpowered lightning pokémon, someone like Magneton or Ampharos. Problem is that my savefile is encrypted in a (apparently wacky) way. I use the DSLinker Flash Card, and chose the Flash 4MBit option. The save file is 512 KB.

However, when converted to a raw with automatic size detection (Using the Shunyweb online save converter), Pokesav can't read the file. Well, it can open it, but the trainer name is blank, I have 995 of every item in the bag, I have no pokémon, etc.

Opening the true savefile yields the same results, just as pretty much every conversion I've tried.

I'm using Pokesav HGSS 0.03a (With Diamond/Pearl/Platinum options... weird) and a modified USA version of SS. The ROM had to be edited to counter the freezing problem. This concerns the patch made by someone called Rudolph, as it was the only one working.

If there's any data missing, I'll be happy to supply it.

Thanks in advance!

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