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[SS]IV/EV/Stat Editting VIA PokeSav \. Confused./


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[sS]IV/EV/Stat Editting VIA PokeSav \. Confused./


I recently just downloaded this amazing tool.

I'll get right to the question.

I put MAX 31 for IV and MAX 85 for EV or the other way around can't remember.

I then went to STAT EDITOR, and changed my attack to 85, my def to 98 etc etc. I save the file, load it up, all works well.

I have 85 att and 98 def.

I leveled up my pokemon and it went back down to like 45. What happened?

on a side note (does anyone have a pokemon soul silver sav uploaded? Finished?

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And to add to Patchworks

The stats will also be recalculated when you deposit your Pokémon in a Box and withdraw it.

Pokesav has a function to recalculate the stats for you. When you are editing the stats, you have to press "All Max" and it will recalculate them for you.

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