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Team ultimate muscle

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Ok apparently my last team lacked something something most people were looking for and that is some standard stuff and this is just my pratical team with a more obvious consecpt than the last hit hard and take hard hits while doing it.

I have played around with this team tweaking things here and there and i'm pretty dang proud of what i came up with now without further adue lets get this started

the lead

Machamp(kid muscle)@leftovers

adamant~no guard

evs: 110 hp/252attack/48def/100speed




ice punch

this set is my favorite lead that i have ever used in my life(next to zippers the banette) but this guy is a buff mean sub punching machine he does more than enough as a lead and just in general as a sweeper.sub block. dynamicpunch in junction with no gaurd is just deadly100accuracy firing off a move that powerful not to mention recieveing STAB is just perfect sometimes i even dynamicpunch things that resist it because it makes switching a bit safe knowing that there is a 50/50 chance they will hit themselves it also helps. Sub dynamicpunch really helps save this guy because it gives them a chance to kill off annoying explosion leads or from behind a sub he can suvive one which is always important to me when picking out my leads.

honchkrow(Bone killer)


6 hp/252atk/252spd

sucker punch

psycho shift

drill peck


this is a honckrow set I made that has always worked for me and i hope it will do the same for you. Now when you look at the layout of the Evs nothing special right. But when you get down to the move set is where you notice a slight difference. PSYCHO SHIFT many people dont even know he can get this move it is an egg move and a great one i may add see as honchkrow is typicall the target of many status attacks toxic, thunder wave and burn. well toxic, thunder wave, and burn them back. not to mention she takes everything that machamp can not. Continue to wreak havoc on your opponents team. I take pride in saying i'm really the only person i've ever know or seen run this move.....besides people who have traded me for a copy of her

If anyone ever wants to try one of my custom sets just pm me and i'll get you one of whatever you want to try ASAP

Heatran(MAXman)@choice specs

flash fire~modest


eruption/fire blast

earth power

dragon pulse

hp grass 70

standard set except i run specs because i'm good enough to the point where Outspeeding is not a concern as i can accuratly predict and react accordingly but for a newer player scarf is reccomended because if you are not experencied in the art of prediction pulling off a max hp eruption can be difficult without it and that is what this set is all about is putting your opponent in a position where you can end the game with your overpowered fire stab move and don't worry heatran can still grab it's flash fire since rotom runs around and will most likely make an attempt at burning your physical sweepers with flash fire max hp eruption you can ohko a latias. hp grass dismantles the likes of vaporeon and anyground type who thinks they can take it. earthpower destroys heatran. honstly this set rips through everything except a craydilly in in sandstorm and a blissey and these two can't really take a choice specs max hp eruption or at least not two many


calm~water absorb


hp eletric 70


ice beam


Special walling set this little guy takes hits like a champ but his main job is having heatrans back by absorbing water attacks and healing him self some people say vappy is better but he is so damn cool and cute plus most people dont know just how bulky he can be.

tauros@choice band



stone edge



I love this pokemon destroys pokes who stay in on him or can kill anything trying to run from it. this guy is a great physical attacker/revenge killer



evs: 200hp/110def/200spdef


sucker punch

pain split


this spiritomb burns and walls anything having no weakness(beside being hit by a fighting move by a scrappy poke) makes him a great addition to any team and he becomes the ultimate mixed wall after it get the will-o-wisp off plus it increases the teams defencive bulk

give me suggestions and rmt. thanks for your time

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Without an Agility Passer there is little point in investing in Speed at all with Machamp.

Unless he's scarf'd, his speed sucks regardless. He'll almost always go second to other leads which have much higher speed.

You said it could OHKO a Latias, but with one Stealth Rock, Heatran is at 50%. Then a Latias can easily surf/draco (still packs quite a punch w/ a Choice Specs)/thunderbolt, whatever a Latias has to attack it with, since it outspeeds Heatran.

Your Heatran is at Modest Nature, reducing his speed considerably.

Even with a Speed Nature, Latias outspeeds him w/ a max of 319 Speed w/o nature anyways.

You said you can predict well, but it doesn't matter if your opponent can easily just Baton Pass a Latias in or get it in before Heatran comes in, since it's not your lead.

But actually, the Heatran looks pretty good to me. I was just making that comment.

Haven't bothered looking at the rest of the team.

Doesn't look bad at all though.

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did you know that heatran can take a non-lifeorb latias surf it is non stabbed and heatran has naturally good spdef.lol and if you looked at the rest of the team you would of noticed that politoed is on here and has water absorb for situations like that. Prediction does matter i made the latias comment because you can cathch a latias on a switch in that is why predictions and stat calcs matter

and no heatran is not at 50% with stealth rocks it loses less than a quarter health it loses 1/16 heath as it isn't weak to rocks but it doesn't resist them either

only pokemon that lose half heath to stealth rocks are pokemon who are 4x weak to them

and on machamp you are wrong but right. now while on a standard machamp people dont run speed but i do for that reason so i'm not getting dynamicpunches thrown my way before i land mine. and with 100 speed evs i outspeed metagross leads which means when i predict explosion comming i can set up my sub and block it or i can go out to spiritomb. and i'm fully aware most leads out speed him but the leads that do typically stealh rock fake out, taunt or u-turn first all of which equals a free dynamicpunch or a sub.

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