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Do you use your Master Ball?


Do you use your master ball?  

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  1. 1. Do you use your master ball?

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There is nothing challenging about throwing a zillion balls at a Pokemon with a capture rate of 3. It doesn't take any skill to widdle the HP bar to 1 HP, inflict a status ailment, and then begin to hurl balls.

I went through this mess tonight with Articuno and I was about to pull my hair out--29 dusk balls (I decided to cook supper; I threw a ball every time I walked by my DS until it was caught). Zapdos, under identical conditions (i.e., HP down to 1, paralysis), took 5 dusk balls. Just another example - after 3 encounters with Raikou I nabbed him with a Quick ball. 6 encounters caught me Entei with the same method (full health with paralysis). Clearly, it is a lottery, not some highly technical routine.

Have I used my Master Ball yet? No. But I plan on using it. There's no reason to feel proud of not using it. I wish they put 5 Master Balls in the game.

This. Although I guess I should mention that there is a formula/mechanic to catching pokemon. You're right in how stupidly frustrating it is though, and saying it shows skill is really pointless. I'm sorry, but catching a Mewtwo with a pokeball is nothing to be excited about. I can just Sleep Powder it with my Speed EV trained Jumpluff, after Batton Passing a Sub, switch in my Gengar with Shadow Ball, and start making a mockery of it. The skill is all in the competition, but if you really only play by yourself, I suppose some sense of accomplishment in catching is justified.

I feel I should add that I don't consider not using a Master Ball a challenge. Really, is it all that hard to set up a paralyze or sleep status, then false swipe a legendary? By the time I'm out hunting, I mean searching, for those rare pokemon, my party is significantly leveled and would easily destroy these "legends". I have no doubt that my Gyarados can take on Dialga any day. The AI in these games is something to laugh at, but understandable since Gamefreak isn't going to take that kind of criticism from the less competitive fan base.

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yep. i used them in all catchable legendaries in the game. well it's a shame i never get to battle them. i just don't remember who was that uber i face and then this person said it was the most intense battle he/she saw or something like that.

another important use of this is getting rid of Red's muteness. but any ball would do. if some of you haven't tried it yet do it now. it's fun.:)

No ball playing around other than pokeballs-.....uuuuhhm...

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I used to use it on the strongest legendary in the game. However, in my SS, I saved the Master Ball cuz I believed I could catch the legendaries with any old Poke Ball. I ended up catching Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and Ho-Oh with Ultra Balls, Lugia with a Heavy Ball, Latias and Latios with Dusk Balls, and Zapdos with a Fast Ball.

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Master Ball? I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about. lol Back in the day, I used my Master Ball on the Version Mascot (or in Generation I's and it's remake's sake, Mewtwo). I don't anymore, however. Now I just keep it as a little gift from a NPC. It just made capturing too easy, IMO. Same with all the other Balls. Now, I just use regular Poké Balls and Premier Balls ONLY. It's quite a challenge, but I succeeded in capturing all the Legendaries in HG/SS (including Roamers) with only Poké Balls and Premier Balls. Same goes for all the Wilds I wanted to catch (excluding the Bug Catching Contest, of course).

So basically all the Balls, besides the original Poké Ball, are completely unnecessary. ~STBE

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All my Master Balls have been used on shinies, which would comprise a grand total of...one.

Having to chuck 99999 other Poke Balls at a roaming legendary is nothing compared to the potential pain of losing a shiny because it might teleport, or explode, etc.

The only exception is on Greevil's Shadow Lugia in xD, but ONLY because it is impossible to encounter a shiny in that game.

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