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Do you use your Master Ball?


Do you use your master ball?  

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  1. 1. Do you use your master ball?

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At stupid times, yes xD In Gold, I used it on a Ho-oh because I couldn't catch it (didn't wait long enough) to catch with an Ultra Ball. In Platinum, I used it on Giratina. So in Platinum it took me a good 40/50 mins to catch Arceus xD

I can use Action Replay codes but don't really like cheating unless neccessary to get event Pokemon/items.

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I sometimes use it on the legendary you have to defeat to proceed in the storyline (e.g Lugia on SS), if I don't have enough patience. I don't like übers, so I usually just give a damn in the level 70-legendary of the game, unless I'm getting it for the pokédex. If that's the case, I'll use my Master Ball on it.

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I accidently used mine on a weedle once... Forgot I ran out of normal pokéballs and just pressed the buttons on routine. Luckily that never happend afterwards, and I only use my masterballs on additional legendaries in the game. Like Rayquaza in Sapphire, or Mewto in red/blue... I'm not wasting my precious ball on a storyline legendary

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I've never used the Master Ball, and never will. The main fun of the game (at least for me) its calculating the odds of a particular pokémon being caught in the least possible ball and meeting the challenge. Cheers!

Challenge yes, but if i was in your place, i wouldn't miss the chance to use the M ball on Mewtwo for perfect stats.

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I usually try to have all of my pokemon in my team at a higher level than the first gym leader, regardless of which game that I am playing: Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Soul Silver, and Heart Gold Version.

Let's say that all of my pokemon are at level 14 for the first gym battle

2nd gym battle they will be level 24 or higher

3rd gym battle they will be level 34 or higher

4th gym battle they will be level 44 or higher

5th gym battle they will be level 54 or higher

6th gym battle they will be level 64 or higher

7th gym battle they will be level 74 or higher

8th gym battle they will be at level 84 or higher, but I usually try for level 90

I usually try to tackle the Elite Four at level 95-100.

Essentially speaking I usually use 1 action replay code more than any others.

It is the code for Master Balls.

I may not mind trying to catch all of the pokemon using any of the other Poke Balls, but when you are level 50, wanting to catch a level 3, and 1 of you attacks will easily faint it out, the best poke ball will probably be Master Ball, if you do not have another kind of poke ball that targets lower level pokemon.

Basically I use the Master Balls, almost all of the time, in conjunction with the Master Poke Ball Code.

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