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Which Pokemon do you like having following you around the most?

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Palkia, something funny about that huge pokemon just following you around.

Yeah i love having Wailord around, it just makes me laugh.

Mew is pretty fun having around, So is Jolteon because that's my favorite Poke.

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I've many... but to name some off my head

my Typhlosion, shinyCario (Lucario), Umbreon, Espeon, ShinyCune (Suicune), Giratina in Origin Forme, and my Shaymin in both land and Sky form~ Because... Giratina is soooo fatty and you can do so many glitches with it when running into people. It's wings like go through obstacles. I know it's a ghost type... but it's hilarious.

...didn't I mention shinyZard? (Charizard) she's soooo awesome~

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