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jirachi legality


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Hey, it's my first post on this forum.:grog:

I just register because i couldn't get answers anywhere.

So my question is, what info about the capture (met in place, region, etc.) do i have to write for a jirachi to be legit and to make it like i captured it myself?

thank you!

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The problem with Jirachi is that it's been available in so few ways, a hack is usually very easy to detect unless you really know what you're doing. There's the Colosseum Bonus Disc Jirachi (OT: WISHMKR), however to make a legit one of those from scratch you'd need to generate a "Common GBA Event (restricted)" PID/IV combination... and as far as I know, none of the current programs available will generate using that algorithm (probably to prevent the mass proliferation of hacked GBA event Pokemon). The only other English Jirachi available was via the recent Gamestop event, and is a regular NDS Mystery Gift Pokemon... probably easier to generate.

But what's easier still is just downloading one of the many Jirachis already available, or requesting one in the appropriate section of this forum. Alternatively, you could also download the Wonder Card files for the recent Gamestop Jirachi, inject them into your *.sav file using the "Mystery Gift Editor" program, and then receive Jirachi in your game normally.

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