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PokèSAV HG/SS: Ribbons?


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Hi there! I recently got involved in pokèSAVing for HG/SS! I think I've understood a good part of it, but there's still something I can't figure out...

The ribbons. I've tried to use the Johto Champ Ribbon but it's signed as the SINNOH Champ Ribbon. So, how can I put a JohtoChampRibbon on a pokèSAVed pokèmon? I admit I haven't tried hard enough, but I still don't know how they exaclty work!

Thanks in advance! :)

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Johto doesn't give out any ribbons upon going through Indigo Plateau.

Maybe you're referring to the Legend Ribbon you get upon defeating Red?

Oh... Yeah I think that's the one. I thought that ribbon was for the elite 4, not for red :D

Thank you very much :)

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