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Legal.Exe doesnt like Hayley Mew


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I recently got a ARDSi, so I extracted my Diamond Sav with much glee and started to examine my accumilated collection of pokemon.

I was tossing pokemon in Legal.exe out of curiosity.

I got the Mew from my Ranch, So I know its actualy completly legit, and Legal.exe spits out the Type as hacked/unknown, and My Legal.exe is the most recent version.

The Mews PID is 1100373743

Natures Bashful, Ivs 25/15/26/13/25/25

I also uploaded the .pkm so yall can inspect it.

( I am encountering a similar response from XD/Colo .pkms inspected by Legal.exe, they show up as unknown GBA types, which seems to indicate the GC games have a different type of PID generation.



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