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Best Uber Team, only power


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I am making a hacked Uber team, and the four pokemon I have set are the following:

(And please remember, this team is just for friend battling, and strictly for power, little strategy used)

Kyogre - No Item - No Gaurd

Sheer Cold


Water Spout

Hydro Pump

I plan to use him as one of the last pokemon I use, since I know OHKO will never miss

Groudon - No item - No Guard




Fire blast

Same as kyogre, a last resort

Darkrai - No item - bad dreams

Dark Void

Dream Eater



Mixed attacker, put asleep, then wreak havoc

TRU Arceus - Draco Plate - (whatever ability it has)

Roar of time

Spacial Rend

Shadow Force


Now this is where I have run out of ideas, no other pokemon/movesets appeal to me. Anyone know of two more ubers to finish off the set, with powerhouse movesets?

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why would you cheat of all people your friends and the fact that they dont know about ivs and everything makes it worst. dude thats low.

A lot of my friends do it just to **** around.

So shut up, no offense, cause people play for different reasons and find different things entertaining.

Don't judge another just because you don't follow the same way of thinking as another.

That's extremely immature of you.

Especially if they're friends, they'll know how to take a joke. Which this basically is.

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Hm... Well a lot of Uber battlers lead with a Spiker Deoxys-s, Spiker Forretress, and also use Mixed Giritina-o with it, which means Semi-stall.. I would recommend trying to stop Deoxys-s as fast as possible, or have a handy Rapid Spinner (Forretress) but because Giritina-O has Hidden Power-Fire it generally does either, 40, 80, or 100+%ish... Using things that counter it which should not be too hard because it lacks Leftovers or any other recovery except for Rest and Pain Split which are not too usable on it. Tyranitar, Dialga, faster Dragons... Beat that, and often have Fire moves to make it difficult for switch ins. Be sure to have a reliable special wall. And err, ask me for help making anUber team, I'm the advice person.

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