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"Battle Me" Thread Rules [READ THIS ~ Updated 2/25/09]

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"Battle Me" Thread Format Rules:

- Edited as of 8/29/09

"Battle Me" threads are quite self explanatory. Basically, its a thread asking others to battle you over Wifi. Many such threads don't include nearly enough information for potential battlers to accept your challenge, so please follow these rules when posting a "Battle Me" thread.


Your "Battle Me" thread must include:

1. Rules

Ex. Lv. 100 6vs6 Singles; Lv. 4vs4 100 Doubles; Lv 50 3vs3 Singles; etc.

2. Restrictions

Ex. Ubers Allowed; Only OU and Below; No Arceus; etc.

3. Friend Code

Ex. What every your code may be.

4. Be Specific With Hacked Pokémon Restrictions (Added April 22nd, 2009)

Ex. Please post what you consider a Hacked Pokémon and what limitations you have on them.


Your "Battle Me" thread is recommended to include:

1. Times you are Available To Battle

- Makes people aware of when you are available for battle.

2. IRC

- You can use the chat IRC as well to help when battling. I greatly recommend this since you can comment instantly on a move made from your opponent. This can add a lot more to the fun. ;)

Hopefully this will cause less confusion when looking for a battle. If you have any questions you may PM me or Illithian. Please follow these rules and have fun battling! :)

~ Updated 8/29/09 by Illithian

~ Updated 6/27/17 by jasenyoface: updated the link at the top of the page.

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