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I guess I'm back now. I forgot why I left to be honest. I think I got mad due to all the competitive talk and how Project Pokemon wanted to make their own seperate metagame or whatever,

Anywho, can anyone bring me up to speed on things? Like all this stuff I hear about legit copies of HGSS being unable to be backed up. That's crazy! I want a different Trainer ID!

Lets see, what else. Um, I remember a bunch of you, as well as all the people who posted in my intro post. I've been playing Minecraft a lot, you can hit me up there under the same name.

Yeah... Video games are my favorite types of video games.

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Hey didn't know your were gone, though i kinda took a break.... Well i was too lazy to visit PP for a while.

Oh and what do you recommend a Dragonair moveset in-game, and competitive? I was playing Soul Silver up to the 8th gym, and Dragonair looks just awesome before turning into yellow barney.

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ha, back to this.

Well, in-game Dragonair/nite was always prized during RBY / GSC as being a special attacker with a vast movepool. Few pokemon can shoot off thunderbolt, surf and flamethrower/fireblast, which I definantly suggest for ingame.

Dragonair/nite is one of those weird Lucario pokemon. The higher attack stat also has the lesser moves, whereas the lower attack stat has the better moves.

Ok, for ingame use, I'd go with

Flamethrower/Fire Blast



Outrage/Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse

If you have a lot of fire users or whatever, I'd replace it with these moves in order

Ice Beam

Focus Blast/Super Power


Stone Edge

Competitive wise... urk, I don't know. Dragonite feels more like the pokemon that fits the mold. Dragon Dance and Extremespeed are cool, but together they're kind of silly. If you want the most FUN set I'd go with either the anti-lead or the mixnite spread from smogon


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Dragonite has a ridiculous level up-movepool making him quite useful in the game. But no need to catch one, or even buy it from the Game Corner. You get a Dratini with Extreme Speed after the 8th gym battle in Johto.

Our Shoddy server is up and running. We used to have tournaments going for a few weeks, but wiht the switch of the forum software, that ability got lost. Every now and then Purplesurge (an IRC server) hosts their shoddy tournaments on our Shoddy server.

We are too much of a small site to do any mass testing right now, but that's no reason to rule it out. I'd like to do some trial tests just to see how the process works, adapted for the smaller, close knit community we have around here.

Many of us hang in IRC and Shoddy throughout the day, so feel free to come chat with us.

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