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Pokesav on Soul Silver works but...


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not completely...

I can't edit rival name, the Pokedexes you can get, Events, Accessories, Pokegear stuff, seals, pal park, and poffins?

The thing that edits the pokeball the pokemon was caught in wont change when you load the save, it will just say "Pokeball" instead of the name of the ball you used like the Dive or the Moonball

also, the locations are Sinnoh region when editing where my pokemon are located, any johto areas like route 17 and etc are called "Faraway Place" when the save is loaded...

These issues probably have already been noted but i cant find and don't feel like putting anymore than the hours I've already put into trying to find anything on this...

yes I am a really bad searcher, if there's anything that can help with like the hex/dec values of the above said, please send me a link so I can make AR changes w/o needing pokesav, might be a bit more complicated but as long as it works, I'm okay w/ it

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The Farawayplace and the Pokeball values are necessary for backwards compatibilty with DPP, when HGSS locations did not exist and Kurt's balls did not exist. If you trade to DPP from HGSS, the custom Pokeballs will always turn into a regular Pokeball, but if you trade to HGSS, they will search for the 85h value of it because that is where the data for the new Pokeball is stored in. Same for Johto... 46h and 47h stores the Johto location in hex so when it is traded to DPP when Johto locations were not programmed it will state "Farawayplace". So everything is right... you just have to expect Gamefreak to try and make HGSS compatible with DPP, and this is how they did it.

So if you are editing a Pokemon caught in a custom Pokeball... NEVER EVER change that Pokeball into, let's say, Lure Ball. Keep it a Pokeball but change the 85h value accordingly.

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