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Should I rejoin this community?

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Does anyone out there even remember me? I got banned on Gamefaqs a while back for spoiling some details from some anime and games that are over 5 years old. Now I don't have a place to talk about Pokemon anymore. Smogon have massive egos, Serebii reminds me of the Gaia community and other sites are generally regarded as inferior.

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Completely up to you mate, It seems as if Project pokemon is dying though. There hasn't been a real discussion since around the time we left, I'm only back now because of the release of HG/SS and I needed a place to discuss pokemon for awhile. So many people have come into the scene that I feel like I don't belong here anymore too. Much better than Serebii, Marriland, Pokecharms, Bulbapedia or Smogon in my opinion though, it just needs a breath of fresh air.

And yes, I remember you. :) How have you been?

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Hey Destati! How has it been?

The community is dying as Enkidu said, but I suppose we can all join this sinking ship together.

Again, it's all up to you. I stopped coming after a while... but perhaps the release of HGSS somewhat made me more active in this community... at least for a while.

All these people from the past resurging back... sounds like last year :)

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