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Multiplayer avatars

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I started up SoulSilver and opened the save in Pokesav. My character is male, my trainer ID is 45487, secret ID is 50732, and the multiplayer avatar is Psychic (70). I saw Ace Trainer (Male) on the list and decided that I'd rather be that.

Scouting for information on that, someone on GameFAQs brought this calculator to my attention. 45487 gave these results: Youngster, Juggler (Secret Base, Union Room, respectively). Seeing how that had nothing to do with Psychic, I decided to enter my secret ID instead and got Cool Trainer, Psychic. From there, I'm guessing the avatars are actually based on secret ID, unless Pokesav is just confused, or I'm just not getting something.

My friend said his trainer ID is 63399. I input that and got Rich Boy, Juggler. He says the guy at the second floor of Violet City's Pokemon Center had Psychic and Rich Boy among the choices. This led me to believe these four were secret base avatar choices, but my friend says this affected the Union Room avatar instead....

I don't know what "secret bases" are in HGSS. Anyway, my objective is to use a certain 5 numbers to get the avatar(s) I want. See that my username is "Psycho K"? Romanize that to "Saiko," then get an old phone with that 3-4 letters per number thing. You get 72456. I did a lot of complicated guesswork with binary and such and eventually ended up with 54672 (Kiosa); it returned Cool Trainer, Elite Trainer in the calculator. Aren't Cool Trainer and Elite Trainers the same thing, though?

For now, I'm going to leave my trainer ID and secret ID alone until I reach that Pokemon Center and see what that NPC has to say. As far as my objective goes, was I analyzing things correctly? I'm really not sure.

Thanks in advance.

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The HeartGold and SoulSilver on Metalkid's calculator is pointless. The thing is, HeartGold SoulSilver use the same Avatar generation as Platinum. So, to use Metalkid's calculator effectively, just set the game to Platinum, and input your HGSS ID. It'll tell you the proper set of Avatars.

If you want a specific Avatar, just keep resetting the game, get the ID, plug it into the calculator, and if it has the set that you want, continue that save. If not, repeat until success.

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