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Heart Gold and Soul Silver Recent Happenings Thread


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Working towards defeating Jasmine. Activated the Arceus, Jirachi, and Pichu events today. Also traded over my Poochyena, Eyna for EV Training. Team is between 28 and 29 right now.

EDIT: Jasmine defeated, red Gyarados caught, in the Rocket base right now. Team at level 30.

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Haven't taken on the Elite 4 yet. I've been grinding, grinding, grinding. My team recieved a boost:

Ampharos (55)

Weepinbell (49)

Slowbro (49)

Typhlosion (55)

Pigeot (50)

I've been doing the bug catching contests lately. Haven't won one yet. This is mostly due to my overpowered team KO'ing everything they touch in the park lol.

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Swampert91: Did you visit the pokemon fan club in vermillion? He shows up in order, like you can't see Eusine in Cianwood before visiting the burned tower.

Once you see Steven and he tells you about Lati@s, then you should see him at Silph Co.

My update:

Spent about and hour plus doing the whole power plant deal, then when i tried walking up, i accidentally turned off my game.

a problem only for the NDS classic seeing as how the power button is just above the Dpad.

before you ask how I did something so dumb, I was playing in the dark. (or at least dim lighting)

Gonna try again tonight... (sigh)

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I am massing coins at the Game Corner... so far I have around 800ish now. The Voltorb Flip is pretty fun... it stimulates your brain a bit, even if there are some luck required. Only 1400 more left for TM90, which I can teach to my new Mismagius!

I love the Voltorb Flip a lot more than the slot machines... only because I did have some problems with gambling being encouraged in a children's game... but what makes me upset is the lack of coin dealer. And TM13/24/35 are still 10,000 coins. Thanks Gamefreak. You really made my day -_-

As for the Pokemon... I bred Leafie the Meganium with a Sunflora to get Leech Seed... but it turns out the baby Chikorita also has Grasswhistle and Synthesis from breeding as well. Hmm... maybe I ought to try raising it to 44 to get Leaf Storm. How does that sound?

Kitsune the Ninetales... unfortunately had a go with Rudolph the Stantler... >.<

At least her babies will have Energy Ball and Hypnosis :/

I am STILL wondering why Ninetales was allowed to have Energy Ball as a hereditary move but denied the access of learning it as a TM. The only other case I know is TM29 on Psyduck/Golduck... but that was in Gen III and prior.

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Cleaned up the Elite 4 for a second and third time, almost losing to Lance, though. Lance got tough really quickly.

On a side note, it's very easy to stall out Lance's dragonite. Snorlax+Houndoom with Flash Fire=stall city. Kinda fun for a while, but then it gets boring.

Right now I'm trying to get my shiny golbat and my togepi to evolve. Cycling road, here I come!

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I think I OD'd on it yesterday... I'm really starting to think about the new Shin Megami game...

But, besides that, I'm working on getting my pokemon somewhere around Lance's dragonite, then I'll go see how Red's doing on top of Mt. Silver.

Also, training on my dragonair, shiny crobat and togetic will be starting soon, if I feel a bit more energized.

A choice band will be one of my next targets. I'm not sure if I should try and let my mom buy it or if I should actually go to the Battle Frontier.

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Mom never bought Choice Band for me... only Choice Scarf. I found Choice Specs at the Lake of Rage.

Anyhow, you don't have to be anywhere near Red's level to beat him. If your Pokemon have the advantage or whatnot, you can be at least 60ish and still take him down. Take a look at

. Yes, it's me, but don't ask why I fail so badly, but hey I still managed to beat him :P

Note that this is the second time I'm fighting him. I never had the chance to record it when I was fighting him the first time, but rest assured, the team was the same and only 2-3 levels lower... and I tried to finish him off the same way I did the first time around...

I'm done catching all the Pokemon required from Sinnoh Sound for today. I can finally relax and go and train my new Buizel. Can you believe that it took 2 hours to find a Bidoof? No way!

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Beat Elite 4

Got all Kanto Badges

Beat Trainer Red

Got Groudon

borrowed a kyogre from a friend

Got Raquaza

Imported Event arceus (playing on a emulator as the day I got the game I broke my ds -_- and im not paying to go to the US to get it)

Got a baby Girantina

Done this in about 8 hours.

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I have 49 game hours yet I'm still at the part where I have to catch Lugia. With that much game time, I would have beaten the game already but I didn't.

I don't want to catch Lugia yet and for some reason I like concentrating on the optional challenges first specifically the Pokeathlon. I love it to bits.

In the Pokeathlon, I have 31 trophies collected with a title of "A Veteran Pokeathlete". Just 130 points away from getting myself the last Friendship Trophy. Got all the collective stuff (shoes, jersey, and the flag) in the Trust room. My best attempt was in the Skill Course with 588 Points; and I was using a team of Eevees for that course.

I'll be still working on the Pokealthete first before taking on the world (elite four and etc.) lol

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Hey all!

First time I am writing on this thread, I was going to join before but I was too lazy and too into the game! I am playing Heart Gold, and I'm going for my second run through it, I cut my first run after I beat the first 8 gyms because I didn't really like my team, I wanted to start fresh. I have the 4 badges, and my team is:

Dratini (from winning 2100 at the Voltorb Flip game, took like 8 hours!)- lvl 26

Growlithe - lvl 26

Weepinbell - lvl 28

Pidgeotto - lvl 28

hm slaves sandshrew and totodile -lvl 6

My team is almost complete. Except I backtracked to the Union Cave to try and catch a Lapras! I missed it the first time, I accidentally killed it. Will it come back if I make the date Friday again? I really want to move forward with the team, I think this is a solid one I can keep with a final 5 of Pidgeot, Arcanine, Dragonite, Victreebel and Lapras! If anyone can help that'd be great! Also, does anyone have any breeding suggestions with the pokemon I have? It's kind of tough because the only female is my Weepinbell, but I can go find females of other things that I should breed with if necessary! I want to have a killer team and eventually beat Red, never had Pokemon in any game since the beginning above level 75, so it should be an interesting battle!

Glad to join the Project Pokemon family!

EDIT: I changed the date, bought some Net Balls, and went back down into the Union Cave and there she was (although it was a he, unfortunately.) Caught and beginning to train. Happy huntings folks!

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Totodile is your HM slave?! Shame on you!! :(

Anyways, yes, Lapras comes EVERY Fridays, but next time, SAVE before you even talk to it, so if you accidentally KO it you can restart and try again.

If you don't have females, get a Ditto (it's in the route where the daycare is conveninently) and breed with your Pokemon until the baby egg you get is a female. Then you can properly breed. And welcome to Project Pokemon!

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Sorry Totdodile!

Haha, I went for a complete First Gen line-up this time, I've always been a biggest fan of Gen I Pokemon just because that's when I was younger and got addicted! I respect Feraligatr was a beast for me last play through, lead Pokemon and all I swear! :) and yes, I caught a Ditto when I was around the DayCare.. I don't know what I should really breed though, or if trying to breed my team is worth it for any of the moves? I don't really know too much about breeding as I've never got too involved in the breeding scene. I always read forums all the time, and follow other peoples leads. I really liked this forum the most and decided to join! I respect the diehards and wish I had as much knowledge about training and all that, so if you guys (and girls!) have any tips or pointers, I would love to hear and learn as much as I could, and offer help if there's anything I could help with!

Lapras lvl 22! :)

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At this point of the game, I think the best HM slave would be Wooper/Quagsire, He can learn 5 of the 8 HMs. He can help you with battles as well thanks to his good typing.

You can breed Lapras with Dratini to get Dragon Dance on Lapras, but I think the moves Lapras learns by leveling up, TMs and tutoring are powerful enough.

One cool breeding experiment you can try early in the game, is to get Nasty Plot on Togepi, assuming you've received a female Togepi from Elm. But Most importantly you need the National Dex.

So here are the steps :

1)After getting the radio card at Goldenrod City, you can switch to the top left station on Wednesday to listen to the Hoenn sound

2) Now you can find Plusle/Minun who can learn Nasty Plot and breed with Togepi. You can find them in Route 33 for example, which is between Azalea town and Union cave.

3) Level up Plusle/Minun to lvl 51 so it can learn Nasty Plot.

4) Breed Plusle/Minun with Togepi and the baby Togepi will get Nasty Plot, but not extrasensory. If I'm correct, you can't have a Togepi with both these moves anyway.

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