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Heart Gold and Soul Silver Recent Happenings Thread


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been busy at work for the past couple hours though haven't advanced very far at all lol. Got my next badge so happy days. Just caught Pinsir that I said I would ... Though I came second in the contest which I have to say I'm majorly pissed at xD. Grown him 2 levels in the past 30 - 45 mins ... kinda slow but I'm looking to bulk my 'dex up. (caught 33 so far :D)... so he's grown levels merely because of the experience he's grown when he accidently kills the poke' he's trying to weaken.

Misdreavus - 25

Quilava - 24

Noctowl - 25

Pinsir - 15

Paras - 7

Probably gunna go en route to mahogany now and get my train on over there - must get a surfer, probably get the Bibarel now then too. Ohhh then I can get the moon stone from Tojo(sp?) falls maybe get me a Nidoking. There is still a moon stone in there isn't there? Goddd got a lot of ideas in my head now xD

Oh Joy ...it's 1:20 Am, might just go bed actually lol.

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Killed Lugia :D!

Actually I hear He will respawn if you beat the E4 same with Mewtwo Ho-Oh and the rest

I currently have beat the E4 twice both after Johto league and Kanto league, Beat Red, Caought all Legendaries completed all events released in us and have gotten the fire starters form kanto and hoen

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I've finally received my 7th badge and I've saved the radio tower from team rocket. I'm on my way to Blackthorn city and I'm circling back to the pokeathlon too, I need a break from all the battling. Current team:

Furret: level 34

Feraligatr: level 36

Magmortar: level 34

Ampharos: level 34

Heracross: level 34

Butterfree: level 32

Yea I know, it needs work. Lots of training to do before clair at blackthorn and the elite four. I'm probably going to drop butterfree for ho-oh when it comes to the elite four. I might train a dragonite to mock lance by making it better then his 3 dragonites.

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All pokemon are now level 26, and I battled my friend Ashleigh today....and couldn't fit her into my Pal Pad with that name so I shorted it to "Ash" which just feels...odd. I'm in the burned tower now, just beat my rival, Blake.

EDIT: Just took down Morty. My Ponyta rocks xD Half of the team is 27 now.

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I got 6 badges right now. 30 hours in. I'm currently grinding my party to level 40. My team is.

Slowbro (Level 40)

Typhlosion (Level 40)

Pigeot (Level 40)

Ampharos (level 35)

Weepinbell: ( Level 34) Haven't found a leaf stone yet...

In other News, I CAUGHT A SHINY TAUROS!!! Sorry for the all caps but I'm pretty excited and it came way earlier than I expected. I was really tired last night so I was kind of fading in and out while doing my grinding, I had the sound on, So when I heard the shiny noise I thought "No way!" and perked up immediatly. It was in the patch of grass outside the safari zone gate and was at level 20. I tried catching it without attacking because my weakest pokemon was 15 levels above it and I was afraid of making it faint. I had my ampharos use thunder wave, but still no dice. So I switched to weepinbell and had it use vine whip which thankfully only reduced half it's HP, making it catchable.

So that's what I've been up to. It's been a while since I posted here, but after catching a shiny so early in the game I just had to share with you guys lol.

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I was training for the elite four this morning and I was on the route before victory road. Well I was leveling up my furret and I decided to check the summary to see how much experience it would need to level up to level 40 in comparison to my ampharos. To my surprise, when I checked the summary my furret had POKERUS! When I checked the rest of my party they all had it as well!

So, I put all of my pokemon in the PC, except for my feraligatr, and took out other random pokemon that I didn't care about but I had caught along my journey, from either the pokewalker or the wild, and I spread the amazingly rare virus. Yes, now I have a whole box worth of pokerus infected pokemon on my Heartgold game.

My feraligatr spread the virus the most and by the time it was over she was a level 52! Then I grinded some of my other pokemon some more (ampharos and furret up to level 40 and heracross to level 43) and challenged the elite four guns blazing, and my pockets overflowing with items.

My level 40 umbreon handled the psychic type wonderfully with a few minor set backs but nothing hyper potions couldn't solve and a few sand attacks. By the time the psychic "master" was defeated my umbreon was a level 42.

Out of all the trainers in the elite four, the poison ninja gave me the most trouble and I nearly died because of that rotten double team on crobat. However, after the loss of ho-oh, ampharos, and furret my feraligatr finally managed to give me the win over him.

A few items later I was challenging the fighting type master. My HO-OH did a lot for that battle but eventually ampharos, feraligatr, and heracross had to pick up his slack after it was hit by a surpirse bullet punch at low health.

On to the leader of the dark types. Thank goodness for heracross :) it handled itself nicely in this battle. Of course, it had a little help from ampharos and HO-OH to defeat vileplume and gengar.

On to the champion! That dragon tamer didn't know what hit him when ampharos killed his gyarados (thank goodness for choice scarf!) and he trembled in his shoes at the sight of my feraligatr (aided by the muscle band from mommy :P. My feraligatr took care of the rest of the champion's pokemon, with waterfall and ice fang ripping through the dragon's nearly impenetrable wall of power.

Quite a fun journey it has been, its on to kanto after a maybe not so quick stop at the now open battle frontier.

Current Team:

Feraligatr level 54

Heracross level 44

Umbreon level 42

Magmortar level 40

Ampharos level 41

Furret level 40

With a switch in of lapras (hopefully coming soon), HO-OH (not sure about whether or not I'll use it in game...), dragonite (coming soon), honchkrow (coming soon, still need a dusk stone), and jumpluff (coming soon).

Yea, I have a long way to go still even with the region of johto behind me.

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Playing on NO$GBA wraith89? Playing it on my NDS, finished the game some days ago (16 badges, Ash beaten, got all accessible legendaries, e.g.) Did some pro Smogon setup battles with my friends on PBR, was fun. I guess nothing else to do than wait for the next generation games, hopefully they will have more zones like GSC/HGSS, perhaps all generation places in one game? Would pew pew.

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I'm on my way to Blackthorn city right now. More specifically, Ice Path. I just got done with the Goldenrod tower quest, and my party recieved a boost as a result:

Ampharos (45)

Weepinbell (42)

Slowbro (42)

Typhlosion (43)

Pigeot (42)

I haven't decided on who's going to fill my 6th spot. I'll probably go into the elite 4 with only those 5. Speaking of Elite 4. I will not challenge them until all my pokemon are at least at level 55. I'm mainly doing this in preperation for PKMN trainer Red at the end of the game. I want to do as much training as possible before silver cave. Because TBH, PKMN trainer red's party scares me. I've never seen an NPC party that strong. I heard it's the highest in any pokemon game ever.

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Well, I just beat Claire, and all my pokemon are at level 45. On to victory road now!

Oh, and I ran into my second shiny just outside of Blackthorn. It was a shiny Geodude. I couldn't believe it, considering I caught a shiny Tauros only yesterday. I tried to catch it, but the bastard used selfdestruct :(.

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If ya need any Pokemon let me know :D So far everyone is playing fresh which counts trades from others playing the same way.

I've gotta say Kanto's battle music is pretty bad ass.

Woo that's great to hear. Which version are you currently playing? Perhaps we can do some trades for example for the starters. Hope to get all 3 actually. =)

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