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Pokemon Perfect Heart & Perfect Soul


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  • 7 months later...

hello, this is a great rom!

i have a question. i can't seem to find jirachi on ilex forest is he still there? because on the locations he's not there.

also is it true that the dialga, palkia, and giratina are in the ruins of alph? inside the chamber? i can't seem to find them there (been using max repels with L60 pokemon on the front)

also also, how can i get the gracidea. i caught the shaymin and showed it to the flowershop at the goldenrod they didn't even notice my shaymin. without it he's pretty useless to me. :(

thanks to whoever replies to this.

and thanks to roland for this amazing rom hack.

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Also I caught the kyogre on the embedded tower and the groudon on the route 43 (lvl 17 only)

Sadly professor oak won't give me the jade stone.

How do I catch rayquaza now ? 

I've looked in to the locations and it's not there.

Help pls.

Been playing on drastic in my phone so no trades.

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Hi, I like the Idea of this Hack, thanks for your work.

Unfortunately I think, I won't be able to get all 493 in this hack. 

I can't find the SS Fossils and there is no Kabuto and Lileep in the location list.

Also there is no Latios in the location list, but I found one in Mt Silver in the spiral room.

Some of the locations are not clear for me, R1-01, R1-02, R1-03 and R1-04 of Mt. Moon for example.

Please tell me, is it really possible to get all 493 Pokemon in this hack?


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On 2/11/2012 at 3:43 AM, lax said:

Haha.. :D .. well tnx for the feedback..got the vulpix and also the gible..No worrys xD..indeed terrible luck :P

Btw in a good mood so i will share this list...


[Whirlpool Islands]


[burned Tower]


[National Park]


[slowpoke Well]


[union Cave]




[Route 43]






[Mt.Silver Cave]


[ilex forest]


[ilex forest]


[ilex forest]

Enjoy ;) ...just tune in to the radio from time to time people and also holla me if you find others which are not listed haha..

Sir where did you find gible

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  • 2 weeks later...

I just wasted tons of repel but any of sinnoh legendaries didn't show up in the ruins

Edit: LOL! Haha I found dialga but at level 1. Note: don't use repels haha

Now the problem is kyogre and rayquaza (BTW playing perfect soul) 

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You meant dialga right? If your playing perfect soul the arceus event will not activate. But the conditions in finding the 3 sinnoh legendaries( I mean all of them) are:

Complete 28 unowns

Complete 16 gym badges

(that's what I did haha)

I'm trying to find them in perfect heart at early game without any gym badges and I can't seem to find them thats why I came up with the conditions above

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On 6/2/2020 at 11:38 AM, Erik013 said:

Can someone tell where rotom and heatran are? Playing perfect soul btw

Anyone ever get back to this?

Groudon is in Perfect Soul on Route 17, caught one on this playthrough, don't know if this is a bug, can't find Kyogre

Latios and Latias can be caught in the same location on Soul Silver, so that one isn't an issue. 

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  • 8 months later...

Several people have messaged me in the last year or so about the location guide, and first I'd like to say I apologize for not responding to each of you individually, the messages are only saving drafts and not sending for some reason. Second I'd like to reminds you guys that I had almost no part in the creation of the location guide. That was a fan project that we agreed should be included with the hack. And lastly, guys it's been 6-7 years now since I've made updates to this. At this point i don't even remember how to use the very specialized tools we used to do this; I love you guys and I love the support but I've moved on from this project a long time ago.

If I ever get my hands on a second Switch, I plan to mod my OG one to high heaven and begin work on Sword and Shield hacks, or who knows maybe i'll end up making another Perfect Platinum by the time it happens 😆

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On 8/12/2021 at 2:28 AM, Roland said:

Try the media fire links, they are working fine for me

hi im seeing 2 different perfect platinum ce's spread online 1 has barry with his default platinum team the other has him with a starter rotation of blaziken, feraligatr, and what i assume should be venusaur (although in my version his venausaur is missing and instead has roserade) is the mod incomplete/broken?

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