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Shiny Latias Request


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Pokemon Species: Latias

Held Item: Soul Dew

Level 100

Ability: Levitate

Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): 1000pies

Nickname (If wanted):

Trainer ID (If specific): 33233

Secret ID (If specific): 33233

Pokemon Gender (If specific): female

Attacks: DragonBreath PP:20, Hyper Beam PP:5, Mist Ball PP:5, and Dragon Claw PP: 15

Shiny (Yes or No): Yes

Egg (Yes or No): No

Nature: Naughty

Pokerus Status: not infected

Pokeball Captured In: Premier Ball

Battle Stats: Max

EV Stats: Max

IV Stats: All Max

Ribbons (If any): All Ribbons

Location/Date Met: Hoenn, February 21, 2010

Level Met At: 40

Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): no egg

PP (Max or normal): Max

Happiness: Full

Contest Stats: Full Contest Stats

Friend Code (If Trading): 1033 2964 6766

Edited by 1000pies
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what do you want on it? Attacks? date you 'caught it' The level it was when you first 'caught' it before it became level 100. What trainer Name and ID # do you want attached? Need more info about what you want on it. You should copy and paste the form at this link, and fill out the info on what you want your pokemon to have. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?1131-Pokmon-Request-Rules, so you can have exactly the type of LAtias you want. *lol*

If you don't know what particular attacks you want for it, go to serebii.net to check out the pokedex entry for Latias to find out what attacks you could chose from.

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Wait! Something terrible is happening! I can't get connected in the Nintendo WFC. Help me what to do, Sakura_Lisel! Please!

Do you have a Nintendo Wifi USB Connector attached to your computer, and if you do, is a light flashing on it? Plus if you unplug it and put it back in, does a message on the bottom right corner of your computer screen appear with the WiFi Logo saying that your now connected?

You might just need to unplug the connect unit until it finally lets your DS online. *lol*

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you can connect to wifi with your DS by going to "nintendo WFC settings" option that appears at the main manu of your game and then follow the instructions from there. please continue this conversation by PM/VM/another chat (example: IRC).

P.S: in case you do not know how to PM, you need to click on someone's name and select Private message.

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