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LeafGreen .SAV file from Anbernic RG35XX not loading into PKHeX

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I've recently purchased an Anbernic RG35XX to play ROMs in my spare time.

I started out playing Pokemon Leaf Green because it was one I never played growing up. I grew up with Gen 1 and 2.

The Anbernic has some ROMs preloaded and this was one of them. I've got about 8 hrs into the game now and have run into a bug on the SS Anne when trying to get the Cut HM. 

I have a saved file and ROM state saved, up until the point before the glitch happens. I got an updated ROM that is supposed to fix this issue and copied it onto my SD card and followed another article to start a new game because the beginning of the game states that the save file was deleted anyways, and then replaced that save file with the one I have play time on, but the game always says the file was deleted after I save over it.

I was then going to look in PKHeX at the two .SAV files to see what could be changed to get the new ROM to see the old save file, but the old save file won't open and I get the below error.


Could it be an issue with the ROM itself?

I did add the old ROM back on the SD card and was able to start the old .SAV file at the correct point and even save again and play as long as I don't go to the point of the glitch.

I would like to see how I can get this save file working with the v1.1 ROM that doesn't have the glitch issue.


005 Pokemon Leaf Green.sav

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@Kaphotics man that was just what I needed!

It looks like it was an issue with that specific ROM.

I replaced the stock image with Garlic OS, used a new ROM, saved a new game (.SRM instead of .SAV @ 128KB), and then was able to copy all the data over to the new save using PKHeX and it worked perfectly.

Made my way back to the SS Anne and the glitch issue was gone and everything was kept intact.

Thanks for your help!

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