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Help Recovering Platinum and White 2 Save


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Hello, I am new here so I hope this is the right place to post this!

I've recently been playing through the DS games in the hopes of completing their pokedexes and eventually transferring all to Home. Unfortunately I have made a mistake, while trying to backup my saves, I instead accidently permanently deleted my entire roms folder containing my saves (I use an R4i card). I used a Windows data recovery tool and managed to get my saves back, but when trying to open up with PKHeX, they are appearing as invalid. They also won't open on my 3DS or an emulator. 

I have a feeling it's unlikely, but could there be any way to recover my saves? They are both still 512kb in size, and when I opened the files in HxD there seemed to still be data - I think; all I can see is that it isn't all 00s or FFs, which I think is good?

I truly hope someone can help as I've poured weeks into these games. I'm content with just getting the Pokemon I have caught off the saves and transferred to a stable save file, I care less about the story progress (although I would still like to finish Platinum)!

Thank you!

Pokemon Platinum Version (US)(XenoPhobia).sav Pokemon - White Version 2 (USA, Europe) (NDSi Enhanced).sav

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