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Export/import flags in HG/SS save files


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I am playing Soul Silver and I am attempting to export flags from a save file that became corrupted to the point where the screen went black when accepting a phone call and regularly froze up to a new save that has all of my other relevant information such as trainer ID, pokemon, party, items, etc. and I wasn't sure if there was a clean way to transfer the flags. I can play the game with my team, but I don't feel like waiting for scripted events every 5 minutes. I have attached the save file I am attempting to pull flags from and the save that has no flags but all the pokemon from this save (copied). I should have all the flags up to the 8th gym clear and all I need to do is fight the 8th gym leader.

4781 - Pokemon SoulSilver.sav 4781 - Pokemon SoulSilver New Game (copied).sav

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