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What are the options for backing up saves from an HG/SS card currently?


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Hey all, with HG and SS coming out in about a month now, this is a big question to me and probably many others who'd like to get saves to and from their retail HG/SS cards once they come out.

As far as I know there are no DS homebrew apps to do the trick (which is a big bummer seeing as that's the free option). There is at least one device, which supposedly DOES work with these IR cards, that connects a DS game to a computer via USB to dump saves.

So, is that it? I'm wondering if there are any other options that are escaped me. If not I suppose I will shell out for one of these pieces of hardware.

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If you have a Slot-2 flash linker from the old days (think supercard lite and such) then rudolph's nds backup tool slot-2 is your best friend, otherwise he has other versions of the backup tool for wifi or ftp to suit your needs.

You obviously don't realise the games can't be backed up with those tools.

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You guys don't realize that the game card architecture is rather different for HGSS, as compared to previous NDS Pokémon games? 'Cause it is. And as a result, the methods for backing up retail saves that worked before do not work with the new carts.

Don'tcha think Poryhack would not have started this thread if they did work?

From this post forward, any posts that refer back to old methods of save-backing that don't work will just be deleted.


Guess with only a few IR-enabled games on the market there just isn't that much interest.

I find that a bit odd considering how immensely popular HGSS is / was. But then again, perhaps someone will pick up the pace once the US versions are released and a ton more people have the actual hardware in their hands.

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