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File size too large


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I got the same error as others about the input file is too large, but the file size was 4401581 bytes.
This is the saved data right after I was able to use the Poké portal in Los Platos.
I have not installed the DLC, but have added poltchageist to my party through an trade.

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51 minutes ago, ReignOfComputer said:

Keep your comments constructive, thanks.


So, we're missing:

1. 0x4329A0 (4401568)
2. 0x4329B2 (4401586)
3. 0x432EBB (4402875)

Please wait for a hotfix/update to PKHeX.

Also got the input file is too large error, my file size is 4402875

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Have a workaround for this 

1. have the game + the last update and/or dlc
2. start a new game to generate a new save file 
3. immediately save your game (the save file should be 3161ko)
4. stop the game 
5. apply the latest update (2.0.1) and/or dlc
6. start the game with the same save file you created 
7. make a MANUAL save 
8. stop your game again 
9. check your save file directory (should be 4300ko)
10. launch PKHeX and select your save file and you should be good 👍

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