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How do I emulate catching a protean frogadier from Safari in pokemon X in PKhex?


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Hey there guys! Just started playing Pokemon games through Citra, finished the pokemon X campaign, and looking to snag myself a Greninja with its hidden ability, protean, which is what makes Greninja so great. 


To the best of my knowledge, the only real way to do that outside trading is to access the friend safari, but it's unfortunately impossible to connect to the internet using the Citra emulator, meaning that I can't add someone as a friend, access their friend safari, and get a Greninja with protean, which leads me to try emulating that with PKhex. 


When I tried to emulate catching a level 30 Frogadier on safari with protean, and giving it 4 moves it could realistically learn at that level, I got an invalid: unable to match an encounter from the origin game, and an invalid: memory: original trainer memory missing.  I don't see the problem, so could someone help me make it legal? Thanks a bunch!







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I could be wrong but I am assuming you are just changing the data on another Frogadier to match the Friend Safari and that is why it is causing problem. If that is true, then what you could do is open Tools>Data>Encounter Database and then search for Frogadier.

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