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Is my MYSTRY Mew legit?

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I purchased this copy of SoulSilver off EBay with a save file dating back to 2010. I found this Mew in the PC and I’d like to know what you guys think. Could someone help me with what the IVs should be so I can verify on my end? I plan to check the IVs once I transfer it (not sure how to do this in HGSS). According to the seller, he says that he believes his daughter did get it from an event (it was her game), but he could just be saying that lol…

Also, I thought Mystery Mew was from 2006, any thoughts as to why it says 2007?


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That is an old hack from back in the gen 4 years. It's something I've seen myself when trading back then as well, I received this Mew on October 15, 2009. In my personal hack list I have that Mew listed as having invalid trash bytes. I looked at this Mew again to see if it even matches one of the 426 valid Mews, it does not. The IVs are 9/24/7/29/21/19.

The date is just the day it was Pal Parked from gen 3 into gen 4. The seller's daughter could not have directly obtained it in that game as it needed to be transferred from a gen 3 game, maybe they're thinking about a different Mew like FAL2010.


151 Mew MYSTRY ENG 06930 Hardy Hoenn May 21, 2007 Very finicky 40 Invalid Trash Bytes
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