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Special Question to Kurt


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48 minutes ago, MIO1339 said:

Hello @Kaphotics in PKHeX this pokemon that I will ask you to look at it can you explained why this legal and is possible to transfer this in Pokemon Home0645 ★ - Landorus - 752C9500A91E.pk60645 ★ - Landorus - 5E1501A0298D.pk6without getting ban?

Even though this isn't directed to me, I am popping in to say that our general stance is to NOT look at one's (in this case, yours) hacked Pokémon and explain why it is/isn't legal and whether would it get you banned.

You may continue to provide legal Pokemon to others seeking them, or bring up something to our attention to mention how a hack checked is missed/incorrect, but you shouldn't do so with the intentions along the lines of getting feedback on getting free hack checks, ban evasions, etc.

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