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PS3 Users UNITE!...?


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Yes, I know. Not having the PSN is really annoying me. Oh, well. At least I have no credit cards set to my accounts. Also, in case you didn't already know, Sony is giving every account a free month of PlayStation Plus and 'selected PlayStation entertainment content' based on territory. Considering I have two U.S. accounts and a Japanese one, I'm getting a moderate amount of free stuff. :D ~STBE

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Okay, I've got a hopefully small, possibly quite large problem.

I just noticed that i had typed my email in wrong for the psn account , added an extra "e", so now I have way to recover the password my account, which I had set to auto signin. I created a new one and now I want to change my account name to the new one without losing all my tropies etc.

How do I do so.

I'm going to see if my dad can help tonight, if we get it figured out my new account ID will be the same as my forum name, except with underscores instead of spaces

Basically, Delta_Blast_Burn

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added some info
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