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Encounter type pid mismatch pokewalker


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Hi, I need a hand (and sorry for my english, i'm learning it)

I wanted to create a couple of captured pokemon in the pokewalker
(for collection purpose, since i haven't it anymore) but i have a problem with froslass using the database encounter i tried to generate snorunt, and it's legal, glalie too.
if i change and select froslass the pkhex says enounter type pid mismatch, but the only change i've made is changing the level and the species.

Since the problem is in gen 9, i've created them in a backup of heartgold, import in ultramoon and trasfer manually via bank and home.
then i've backed up violet and the problem remains the same

Also i've noticed that a venonat have all 0 ivs, but it's legal. is it actually legal?
i don't know how the home tracker work, but i've noticed that they are "progressive", is it normal?

0048 - Venonat - 4C751AFFFFF9 - 0 iv.pk9 0361 - Snorunt - 55B71AFFFF4D.pk9 0362 - Glalie - 2DED1AFFFF4D.pk9 0478 - Froslass - 2DA91AFFFF4D.pk9

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that's what i used, and every time i create a new snorunt the story is the same
snorunt is valid, glalie too, froslass no.
The pid is the same, i changed only level and species.

i recreated them from zero, five minutes ago




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