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Corrupted Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Game File loading into PKSM but not PKHeX.


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So in March of 2023, my copy of Alpha Sapphire got corrupted by my 3ds being in sleep mode after I tried to wake it up. I then shut it off and the save was corrupted. I never used cheats on the game. I was devastated at the time and couldn't fix it. I heard that somebody had a corrupted SWSH file and it got resolved so can anybody help me on this one? I will link the saved file to download. It has the entire game complete (including Delta Episode) and I didn't catch Deoxys.


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PKHeX validates save files to prevent corrupt data from crashing the executable. Your save file lacks a proper checksum footer (last 0x200 bytes of a save file).

You can try transplanting the last 0x200 bytes from another save file (new, or someone else's) and it'll load in PKHeX, and probably will work on your console after exported from PKHeX.

(I overrode the footer validation, save loads:)image.png

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