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PKHeX Need help w/ PKHeX Wineskin on Mac

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Okay, I need some serious help here

So I tried updating my copy of PKHeX Wineskin by subbing out the exe file with the latest version's exe file, but I got a critical error. It was too late to go back, and the original PKHeX Wineskin file I found before seems to have been lost.

I tried downloading what I thought was the file I had before, but it says "PKHeX is damaged and cannot be opened. You should move it to the Trash."

So yeah, I'm in a real tough spot.

Can anyone here who is experienced w/ Wineskin make a Wineskin app file for the current version of PKHeX that I can use on Mac?

I don’t really have any other options besides Wineskin. Regular Wine doesn’t work on current Mac versions; I can't afford Crossover, nor do I have the space to partition my Mac and get Bootcamp. Honestly at this rate I don't see why an official Mac version of PKHeX is made; sure Windows apps are easier to develop from what I hear, but a lot of people use Mac and it's unfair that so many useful apps don’t have alternatives on Mac.

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