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[Suggestion/Bug?] Gen 5 Roamers block data only shows info on Roaming Thundurus


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Hey, so I got bored earlier and decided to mess about with gen 5 roamer editing, long story short, I RNG'd a Roamer ages ago, was curious if the game kept its data, it doesn't but it led me to messing with the data of the active roamer.

Basically found out that the data PKHex currently shows on a roamer in the block data only accounts for the Pokemon in the slot for Thundurus, and that there's a second slot after that which is used for Tornadus with the exact same structure. Of course with only one roamer per version usually only one gets used, and that's the one that your version normally gets, so as is with PKHeX, if Black version with an active Tornadus roaming checks the encounter block for their roamer, they get no information because PKHeX seems to only account for the slot for Thundurus.

The highlighted part here is the Thundurus slot which PKHeX currently accounts for, the red is the Tornadus slot. Side note, having both active at the same time is kinda buggy, but PKHeX currently doesn't support setting them to roaming manually anyways.

I guess I'm asking if it'd be possible to add the second roamer slot to the encounter block data for gen 5?


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Posted (edited)
On 5/9/2023 at 4:16 PM, Kaphotics said:

Okay, it might not be identical after all, when I said identical, I also assumed PKHeX started at the FFs and not the beginning for some reason. I wanted to verify this before the next compiled release update, but couldn't get it to build for some reason. That's my mistake.

Basically, the highlighted and red parts were the parts which were identical. As is, it looks like the data is 0x04 bytes offset on the second roamer due to the first 4 bytes. Sorry for any potential confusion. The Capture unknown and the last location are the parts that are shared based on what uses what, in the gen 5 roamer core in PKHeX.


Edited by SaltedNeos
Actually looked at the gen 5 roamer core to find which parts are shared.
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