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Please check this


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1. There is no SID

2. The IVs are very rare and almost unachievable.

3. He inversed the egg. Meaning, it should've been Day Care Couple at the bottom, and Battle Frontier at the top.

4. Thus, it has to be "met" at lvl 0

5. Lack of Hex Values

1. It's possible to have SID as 0

2. It's possible

3. >.<

4. >.<

5. Easy fixed if you make it look like it came from diamond or pearl and >.<

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44h 45h and 46h values for a hatched Pokemon were D0, 07, and 19 respectively for some hatched Pokemon in Platinum. I don't know what that means though.

It should be level 0 as the beginning. The Egg is hatched at DayCareCouple (2000) so switch the "Met Place" and "Egg Hatched at" data. The Egg should also have a hatch date.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't PIDs not correlate with hatched Pokemon?

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Is there anyone on the site that makes legit pokemon's?

also whats the code to get Secret ID?

if you can open your savefile using pokesav , then you will know your SID ...

alternatively .. use AR

anyway .. if you don't want to use your own ID .. u can put random ID there ...

as long it is no 0 =_=

anyway for the hidden values,

there is a sticky topic about that for platinum .. so be sure to read it carefully ^^

and also .. date egg received seems so unnatural for me ...

year of 2000?? wth ... platinum US was released in march 2009 dude >_<

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That is not Legit, nor is it Legal.

You should have egg hatched at set to DayCareCouple, and met in place set to FarAwayPlace.

You forgot to read this: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=218

You should have these hidden values:

44h: D0

45h: 07

46h: 70

47h: 00

Do this exactly and I swear it will work. It will say you hatched it at the battle frontier, even though you have it set as FarAwayPlace.

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