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PKMDS for Web

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Find PKMDS for Web on... the web! https://delightful-grass-0e57f8c0f.2.azurestaticapps.net/

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/codemonkey85/PKMDS-Blazor

Issue tracker: https://github.com/codemonkey85/PKMDS-Blazor/issues

Hello all. Some of you might remember me and / or PKMDS, but most likely not. But I have returned from years of quiet meditation (work and family) to bring PKMDS back to a modern generation of gamers.

Introducing: PKMDS for Web!

Built as an ASP.NET Core web app using Blazor WebAssembly for UI, and leveraging PKHeX.Core as the logical foundation, PKMDS for Web is intended to be a save editor for all Pokémon games, with support for all modern browsers (including mobile). Development will probably be very slow, since this is just a fun side-project for me. Contributions and suggestions are welcome - feel free to create an issue and / or pull request on the GitHub repo.

Special thanks to @Kaphotics and everyone who contributed to PKHeX over the years. I'm standing on your collective shoulders (although feel free to steal as much as you want if you ever intend to make a web-based PKHeX 👀).

EDIT: Please note, the app is under development and is super unfinished. Like, "construction zone" unfinished.


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