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I just found this is possible to get legal Deoxy in Normal form "only" in RS, Collo and XD?

Cause I have the other form repectively on there game when I try to search in data base I can't see result

and lasty it can be shiny?


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7 minutes ago, Poke J said:

@MIO1339 if you scrolled further down that page you would have seen that in gen 3 Deoxys is only catchable in Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Emerald. So no you can’t catch it and have it retain normal firm.

oh I see now thanks for your help

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Gen 3 didn't have forms as we know them from later games except for Unown. Every Gen 3 game has hardcoded in ROM different sprites, base stats, and moves learnset for Deoxys making effectively different on each game. That is why Deoxys change form when you trade it to a different game.

But any gen 3 game only has the data of its version form. There is no way, nor even illegal, to have a different form for Deoxys in a Gen 3 than the one from that game. To change Deoxys form, it will be necessary to change the ROM data, and even if you do that you can't have two Deoxys of different forms.

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