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Missing information OT Scarlet-Violet


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Hi! First of all, I apologize if I do not make myself clear. I am not a native english speaker but i'll do my best.

I am helping some friends with their pokedex by generating pokemons. To do so I collect their trainer information with a trade as I did in SW-SH, BD-SP, etc. In these older games, everytime I was sending them the pokemons with their trainer information as the OT a message would appear in the middle of the trade. Something like: "returnin (pokemon) to (name of the trainer).

I noticed that this message was no longer being displayed during the trade despite all the trainer information present in the OT session at PKHeX.

Today a friend of mine, who was starting a new Scarlet Violet campaing, asked me a Gardevoir and a Gallade. A little while later he said that the pokemon was not obeying him. The weird thing is that, as eveybody knows, if you catch a pokemon, or breed it, and level it up, the "badge clearanses" are not needed and even with no badges your pokemon will obey you. 

The only explanation that makes sense to me is that something is missing regarding the trainer data! We are used to use the trainer sex, SID, TID , and OT, but it seems that something else is being used in Scarlet-Violet that PKHeX is not showing us.

Can anyone verify it?

If anything is unclear, please ask me and i'll do my best to clarify!


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The "returning (Pokemon) to (name of the trainer)" message no longer exists in Scarlet and Violet. Even if all the trainer details match, it still doesn't display that message when trading someone's pokemon back to them.

The reason that Pokémon traded in Scarlet and Violet refuse to obey, even if they match the original trainer, is because Scarlet and Violet have an additional preventative measure. They track the "met level" for the original trainer, but they also track the level that the "previous non-original trainer" had that pokemon as.

This means that if you catch a Pokemon at level 5, and level it up yourself, it will obey you even if it surpasses the number of badges you have, but if you catch a Pokemon at level 5, trade it to your friend, and have them level it up instead, when traded back to you it will disobey until you have the required number of badges.

This feature is unfortunately triggered even if you overlevel a pokemon yourself, trade it to someone, and immediately trade back. There is no way around this feature, you will not be able to trade people high level pokemon that obey them if they do not have the required badges, even if all the trainer details match.

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