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Pokémon SV editing game version and gender doesn't let you change uniform


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Hello everyone, this is my first post, even if I have been using PkHex and following the Research forum for quite some years (by the way, shoutout to the entire community, you really are all amazing).

So, as teased in the title, I decided to experiment a bit with save swapping, so I took an old Violet save file, edited the game version to Scarlet, changed OT name, TID and SID. I also changed some key items (like Miraidon -> Koraidon ball), and swapped the dragon mount itself with no issues in both exploration and battle. Now what I noticed are 2 things:

1) (As expected) Both original trainer profile pictures are the ones from Violet, with violet background too.

2) (The unexpected one) Uniform is locked to Scarlet summer version. Even if I pick another 'season', the character model disappears and reappears as it shoul do, but the uniform remains unchanged. The odd part is that the game thinks to have applied a new uniform, as the green tick in the menu moves accordingly. Furthermore, Pkhex shows in Object* PlayerFashion a different uniform hex, but it doesn't change in the overworld. I even applied a saveblock from a clean Girl/Scarlet save and something even more interesting happened: the uniform changed (I put the winter one in the alt save for double check), but the glitch was still there, as every uniform counted as the winter one now. After closing and booting the game again, the uniform got back to the summer one only.

Now, first I apologize for the long post, second I get that save swapping is not an easy task given the moltitude of save block data. I am just curious if something like this has happened to anyone and how it has to be solved, if there is a solution. Even understanding if it's related to version changing alone or also to the gender swap would be good.

I attach the edited save file and the clean scarlet one (named aft). Thank you all for you attention!


EDIT: removed attached save files to not violate the forums policy. Sorry to have checked so late!


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Hi Prejie. The problem is that uniforms, unlike other clothing options, have different internal IDs according to your character's gender. Using clothing cheats in recent PkHex should add the missing uniforms for the updated gender, but wouldn't remove the wrong ones, so, according to the swap you made, you should edit the block named KFashionUnlockedClothing and remove the values for the wrong gender and add the correct ones.

The following are female ids:

  • Base uniforms: 581B, 591B, 5A1B, 5B1B
  • Preorder uniforms: 601B, 611B, 621B, 631B
  • Kitakami kimonos: 691B, 6B1B, 6D1B, 6F1B
  • Unreleased tracksuit: 711B

These are for males:

  • Base uniforms: 5C1B, 5D1B, 5E1B, 5F1B
  • Preorder uniforms: 641B, 651B, 661B, 671B
  • Kitakami kimonos: 681B, 6A1B, 6C1B, 6E1B
  • Unreleased tracksuit: 701B

Keep in mind that, while this fix seems to be working (for what I observed), it's always dangerous in recent games to edit sensitive things like player gender, because there could still be a number of undocumented flags in the save structure depending on fundamental and manipulated data.

Good luck!

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