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PKhex Files on Desktop: Automatically restores itself


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One day, I've installed Pkhex to edit some pokemon files. I accidentally chose the desktop to be the place where the pokemon files would be stored. 

Filling it up to the brim with over 600+ pokemon files. 

I uninstall the software to see if it worked, and deleted the files on the garbage bin (Permanently)


Days later, when I turn on my computer; The pokemon files (ALL 600+ of them) slowly, automatically comes back. Almost crashing my computer everytime. Ive tried finding ways to recover this problem, like seeing if there was a way to change the save file location ((I installed the software again of course, to see if that was an option. But I couldnt find anything)


Mind you- This keeps on happening. I see them all showered my desktop (Making it lag), I take them to the bin, then delete them permanently.

Days go by, they ALL come back. The cycle repeats.

It's beggining to bother me, for it keeps filling up my desktop to the BRIM with these files. I'm tired of this, can someone please help me?
I want to get rid of the files permanently, not wanting them to automatically shower my screen with over 600+ pokemon files even after deleting the software on my PC. <: ) Thank you!


With this message there's an attachment, an aftermath of placing all of these files on the bin. To show you what files I am talking about, and how many keep on filling my pc.

Please help me! 


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Date modified is over a month old, so they're no longer being created.

If the program is not running, it won't be creating files -- code doesn't magically run if it is not present on the machine.

What is likely is that you had previously "dumped" all pokemon to your desktop, and OneDrive keeps restoring the files, not knowing you've manually deleted them. It's a OneDrive issue, if it is still occurring. Might need to log out of OneDrive and log in, or use their web interface to delete the cloud's pkm files.

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